Why the Dante's Inferno criticism can go to Hell

Destructoid: "Much ado has been had over Electronic Arts' Dante's Inferno, a God of War-esque action game that has used the famous poem of the same name as its thematic backdrop. As in Dante's epic, players will have to travel the nine circles of Hell, but instead of painting a vivid view of Christian afterlife, they'll be planting crucifixes into the heads of noobs and reveling in mindless slaughter while sentient genitalia gnash at them."

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Harry1903551d ago

in whatever form it is. The game looks cool and is made by the same team who brought us Dead Space. Their ultimate goal is to perfectly imitate God of War 2 with their own personal touch which suits me.

I cannot understand the criticism about the creative liberties taken with the book either. What were people expecting?

brycespitler3550d ago

but i heard the buttons are exactly like god of war

this game looks just like god of war exactly

im not knocking this game one bit but i guarentee that when god of war 3 comes out that certain sites or mags will say "but it plays just like that inferno game that came out a few months ago...just not innovative enough"

mark my words

still on the fence on this one