The Sun Review: It's Thrill Zone with Killzone 2!

The Sun writes: FROM the moment your rag-tag bunch of marines hit the planet Helghan in this futuristic version of D-Day, you realise you are in for something special.

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HDDVD183546d ago

I expect it to sell atleast a million first day worldwide

we will wait for SONY's press release and UK numbers tomorrow

Cajun Chicken3546d ago

Yeah, I'm looking forward to it, about time a PS3 exclusive gets what it properly deserves and Killzone 2 is great, I really love it, its intense as heck and I'm about halfway through the campaign now. Can't wait for multiplayer, but campaign first.

table3545d ago

the sun decided not to go down the controversial route.

xg-ei8ht3545d ago

Not sure alot of people knock the SP.

I love the SP.

And the MP.