Next-Gen Graphics Hurt Gamers?

Deus Ex creator Warren Spector explains why next-gen console graphical expectations can hurt game design.

Warren Spector, Deus Ex creator and widely respected game designer spoke on the state of storytelling in games at a GDC session on Wednesday in San Francisco. Spector rated the current state of story and characters in games, which is somewhat mediocre overall, but most interesting were his thoughts regarding next-generation hardware and its negative effect on story design...

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Ravenator5294301d ago

If you spent more time worrying about the quality of your game rather than crying about "expectations" maybe you could get some work done Mr. Warren Spector.

I didn't see Epic crying about Gears of War or Insomniac crying about how hard it was to make Resistance Fall of Man?!

No, they worked their @sses off, put out a quality gaming experience and made us all happy that we spent our hard earned $60 on their video game.

Shut up!

DG4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

Well said. Its BS, the story and the graphics are handled by two different departments in a DV company. Im a gfx/gameplay whore. Story comes last. Want a good story go read a harry potter book.

EDIT: PS I like gameplay above all. NBA 2k7 and Winning Eleven have no story and gfx wise are the worst in the category but are still the best games of its kind.

Grown Folks Talk4301d ago

make a version of deus ex for my 360 so that i can see your visions.

calderra4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

Basically, above is correct. He's only saying this AFTER Deus Ex: Invisible War basically tanked. He was all about the graphics when the original Deus Ex came out.

And Epic not only made the bar that was set, but they may have even beaten the original Unreal Engine tech demo that the game was based off of- which nobody at all thought could really happen.

kewlkat0074301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

I'm not a graphics whore..

This game was great when it first came out. I remember on my Old computer. these days you need the best to run new PC games.

with that said, gamers today have become spoiled rotten graphics whores. If the graphics are not to their liking or on par with other games(example:GOW), they completely trash the developers and the game.

Back in the 2-D days who cared about pixels as much. I understand games have come along way but I still enjoy 2-D games.(example:Castlevania SOTN) I got a feeling it's the new generation of gamers born in the PS era.

Game will eventually look better as hardware advances. It's s till up to the Developers to polish a title but jeeze louise, take a minute and enjoy other aspects of some of todays titles.
I rather an Awesome Story/Gameplay rather then graphics.(example:Final Fantasy VII) Best game ever...

I will always take a game with these scores:

7.0 Presentation
7.5 Graphics
8.0 Sound
8.5 Gameplay
9.0 Lasting Appeal

Rather then this:

8.0. Presentation
10.0 Graphics
2.5 Sound
3.5 Gameplay
4.0 Lasting Appeal

Keyser4300d ago

I agree 100%. Will ever forget the story of FFVII it looked cool too but that story was amazing. Those are the things you remember.

candystop4301d ago

I think games are getting better and better and will one day exceed our vision as far as what we want out of a story and graphics! Mass Effect, Lair, Bioshock, and even Assassins Creed seem to all have a huge focus on story as it so I just think we need to just wait and give these guys time to change the way we play games!

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