NVidia Tesla:World's first "personal" supercomputer

NVidia has come up with "Tesla personal supercomputer" that delivers cluster computing like performance and is upto 250 times faster than the present day personal computers or workstations.

Tesla is powered by 4 GPU's, each having 240 processing cores (that makes 4*240=960 cores working in parallel in total) based on the NVidia's CUDA architecture, delivering whopping performance of near 4 Teraflops!

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mintaro3548d ago

Can anyone say Empire: Total War?

umair_s513548d ago

In 5-10 years such a thing will be common

marichuu3548d ago

$10k ? That's incredibly cheap for such a beast. I just don't want to see the electricity bill after getting the damn machine ;<

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The story is too old to be commented.