Killzone 2 Sales Stay Strong

PlayStation Gamer UK Writes: "Killzone 2's launch in Europe was always going to be strong after it recevied well over a million pre-orders, however it seems post launch day sales are remaining strong."

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ps921173580d ago

I can't wait to see how well it did, when are npd released?

Blaze9293580d ago

again with the 1 million pre-orders. That is not actually CUSTOMER pre-orders but store orders

3580d ago
Obama3580d ago

does it count the sales from online sources like Amazon?

Major_Tom3580d ago

Time to buy a PS3 you said?

The gaming GOD3580d ago

Ok, I'll bite. But do you have a link for this little fact you're speaking of? Or any kind of proof for that matter?

If not then it's just hot air

ViceKingz3580d ago

how the hell does a retailer store "preoder" games? they just buy shipments. its the customers that "preorder" games. you know, put a reservation on it so they can pick it up on the first day...or preorder online so it comes up to your front door on your first day. so again, how the F*CK do stores preorder games?

SnukaTheMan3580d ago

Dam you would think they would be playing the 'GOTY' then making up excuses....

ViceKingz3580d ago

looking at the 360s lineup this year, w/e ps3 owners play sure looks like a contender for GOTY. and when you say "excuses", what do you mean? kz2 has an AAA score and theres news about it selling well. youre just another 360 boy in denial.

Qdog3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

You would also expect people that dont own the game, not to be in here taking an interest in it, while bashing the players that own it.

Amp3580d ago

And the usual gang of X bots making up multiple accounts

The gaming GOD3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

You beat me to it.

Snuka, as usual you had nothing constructive to add. Your fellow xbox fan pulls out "facts" without links or proof and you defend it.

Typical. Very typical

And please, show me an "excuse" since you seem to see them oh so well

NickIni3580d ago

It's sold out on both and - the two main internet retails for games in the UK.

So, I think it's fair to say it's doing pretty well.

gaffyh3580d ago

Usual fanboy arguments, talk sh*t with no evidence. Has anyone EVER heard of stores Pre-ordering a game from a publisher? Ever? Apart from Blaze and his multiple account.

edgeofblade3579d ago

Here's what's wrong with this story:


edgeofblade3579d ago


And here I go again, trying to convince a self-assured naysayer of how stupid he sounds.

Stores have to order games from the distributor. It's a reflection of how much demand the retail channels are expecting, not actual consumer pre-orders. At least, that's what blaze was trying to say...

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Sangria3580d ago

Talking about, there is no reference for Battle Fantasia on PS3, did it release in Europe?

And concerning the Killzone 2's charts, i think it's a bit early to cry for victory, the game hasn't made a week, we should at least wait one month and see how good sales are worldwide.

Amnesiac3580d ago

When I bought my copy, there was no one in the Gamestop besides some loser asking about buying the Halo Wars collectors edition...I'd say they had about 15 copies of KZ2 behind the counter, granted I did go later in the day.

Traveler3580d ago

I just want Sony and Guerrilla to recoup their development costs and make a good profit (they certainly deserve it), so that they can bring us a sequel eventually. I'm loving Killzone 2 and I know I'll eventually be wanting more. Not that I am thinking about that right now with how amazing the current game is. ;)

Skyyo3580d ago

I am not too conerned with sony or GG making money but I would like to see Killzone 3 or another game from this team. Also continueing this game engine.

Because it is really a fun game.

cayal3580d ago

If they sell $1 million or more averaged around $60 profit per game, I think they recoup their losses already.

HeadShot3579d ago

Makes sense. If they make a killing then there will certainly be a sequel. Kind of like Madden, although the reason why people are buying the same game over and over is beyond me. Also at Skyyo, I love that album.

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