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TGP Writes : "I'm just going to keep my conclusion short, sweet, and to the point, go out to your local game retailer and buy this game and I do mean that. Killzone 2 is a complete must have for every PlayStation 3 owner with solid gameplay, amazing looking graphics, and a deep online experience, you'll be playing this for months to come."

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badz1493547d ago

the world is now KILLZOWNED!!

rockleex3546d ago

I fell in love with this game. ^_^

gman77223547d ago

I have played a countless amount of games but there is something about this game that is just so fun, so amazing, that you can't stop playing. Single player is great looking and fun but multiplayer is the best i have played. Its so deep and rewarding, not to mention every single map is amazing. Great game that deserves all the credit its receiving.

PS3n3603547d ago

But that worry was unfounded. This is a really good game that plays intuitively and comfortably. I usually don't enjoy huge online matches but this works. The controls work really well and the cover system is a nice touch that actually works. This is why I bought a PS3 last year. I dusted it off and this made it all worth while. Can't say enough good stuff about it. I am still in shock at how much I like the controls. If I had one gripe it would be the lip syncing on some cut scenes is weak. The excessive swearing is fantastic though. and the sounds of the tarps in the wind and the bullets on the This game is gonna sell huge.

Traveler3547d ago

Very nice review. Seemed open and sincere.

I got this game only yesterday and have already sunk about 15 hours into it. This game is detailed to an insane degree. Honestly, some parts are simply jaw-dropping. But you know what the best part is? It has the gameplay to match those amazing graphics.

I'll say it right now, because I am already convinced: this is the most fun I have had with an online shooter ever. Seriously, it's that good.

poeo3546d ago

i actually agree, and i've played quite a lot of online shooters. Unreal Tournament, Counter-Strike for 2 years non-stop... COD4 etc.

but this game just.. i dunno, it's just incredible.

BMS843546d ago

I'm now in the 3th level playing it on the hardest difficulty, every new area is just amazing.. and i haven't played online yet , i want to finish the single player first.:P

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