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GOONLINE: "Nearly 6 years ago, there was wind of a certain project that was not only Sony's first foray into the FPS genre but it was rumored to be at last a Halobeater, it could finally take on Halo and be out the same year as Halo 2.

It was known at the time as Project Kin and was in development by Lost Boys Games. Oh how things have changed in 6 years. Project Kin has become Killzone, Lost Boys Games are now known as Gurreilla Games and are now a 1st party studio to Sony's Worldwide Studios compared to when they were part of Game Republic.

Killzone though wasnt the success that everyone had hoped for, at Sony, Gurreilla or the gamers themselves. It got timid reviews giving it 7 - 8/10 with so many bugs and glitches, it was clear that the world wasnt ready for Killzone.

5 months after the release of Killzone on the PlayStation 2, Gurreilla teased fans of the series with a teaser trailer showing the next chapter in the series for PLAYSTATION 3, in "real time". However, it turned out that it was just a render trailer and now, most gamers would be skeptical when they see a real time trailer of the game now compared to the E3 2005 trailer.

Now, 6 years after we heard of Project Kin, nearly 5 years since Killzone on the PlayStation 2 and nearly 4 years after that infamous trailer at E3 2005, Killzone 2 is finally here. The talk can stop and the hype can stop.

The question however is Killzone 2 the game which was hyped to be?

In 3 simple words…

Hell. F**king. Yeah.

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ape0073550d ago

absolotely amazing game

what more can I say about it

Highatus3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I second that.

Just finished the main campaign (and it took me 10hrs+ to enjoy it and search for the intel/insignias), giving my hands a rest before some MP madness.

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badz1493550d ago

to get my hands on this! arghh...local retailers here are really slow to pick up!!

GamerPS3603550d ago

good game. good score.

my score 9.5 single player, multiplayer 10.00
overall 9.8

Campy da Camper3550d ago

I own both systems and love a plethora of games on each platform but I feel the need to comment on the "controler lag" issues people were bloging about.

I totaly love the controls in Killzone 2. Yes, it is easy to overshoot the crosshairs but that is because I have grown accustomed to the twitch controls that most FPS have. Once I played the first couple levels and actualy slowed my aiming down and played as an actual tactical war vetran, I couldn't belive the rush when I would headshot the enepy or send them flying from an exploding barrel.

You are forced to keep a steady hand and even when your getting flanked, 'nades going off all around you and you WANT to just jam that joystick you maintain the steady pace and have the best fight of your life.

I applaud GG for their achievement. I am about halfway done with the SP campaign and then it's off to get owned on the MP until I learn the maps. This game is an EPIC PASS.

Traveler3550d ago

Yeah, the controls did feel really different when I first started playing it, but personally I liked them very quickly.

It's interesting that when I went to play Battle Field Bad Company after playing Killzone 2 a lot, it was the former game's controls that felt all out of whack. It took me a minute to readjust and get my aim back.

Anyway, the controls are quite different from most shooters out there and so it takes some people a little while to get used to them.

Personally, one of the things I love most about the game is the smooth sense of movement and controls. Other games feel jerky and unrealistic in comparison.

PoSTedUP3550d ago

yea this game deserves nothing less that a 10/10 imo.... i cant even say what i have to say because... *goes back to playing KZ2* hehe

Traveler3550d ago

I know what you mean, man. I'm just taking a break because I have been playing the game so much (especially yesterday).

It's so good though. If Halo 3 got 9s and 10s, Killzone 2 definitely deserves 10s. Halo 3 is a pretty fun and lighthearted game, but I don't know, Killzone 2 (the online portion especially) is a lot better in my opinion. It's deeper and more engaging.

Chaoticsoulx3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

9/10 single player, 10/10 easyyyy for multiplayer, it's so good. i got kicked out of the bedroom, because it's 5 am and the game's too loud, so i thought i'd post here, lol.

I can't believe kotaku said it takes too long to level things up, what a newb site, it's been 2 days, and i'm 2 ranks from general, one more day and i have everything unlocked.

either kotaku sucks at games, or i'm just that good, or both, haha

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