10 Reasons why Killzone kicks ass

PlayStation Gamer UK Writes: "Since the public release of the title, to be frank have been spending the last couple of days playing it non-stop (don't worry i will stop playing it more often to write articles on here). Anyway as a follow on from our review we have put together a list which we believe are the best 10 reasons why Killzone 2 is the best FPS released this year thus far."

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ape0073552d ago

kz2 is amazing

mp is one of the best ever

buy it now

macalatus3552d ago

I can't say it any better!

Traveler3552d ago

Multi-player portion is the best online shooter experience I have ever had. The campaign is also outstanding. And the graphics are jaw-dropping.

Oh, and I love that I haven't seen a single instance of screen-tearing. Which is amazing given the complexity of the scenes that are being rendered in the game.

Bubble Buddy3552d ago

VC32 Sniper rifle. Nuff said.

AnttiApina3552d ago

Haven't finished the SP yet...Playing on Veteran...Still waiting for that awesome boss battle.

PS3istheshit3552d ago

everything is enhanced but the gameplay is so well developed it feels like one of those ps2 games where you cant put the controller down
some games i buy i always feel some regret like was it worth it to buy this game
but Killzone 2 was so different
i never thought about returning it ever
i beat it in 2 days cuz it was so much fun
i never felt like i should take a break cuz the gameplay was not even once repetitive
GG and Sony really made the best game ever
i mean it
i havent played this long since a ps2 game
Killzone 3 is without a doubt gonna be a great game
it doesnt matter how long i have to wait cuz after this killzone the next will be epic
epic to the point where epic becomes honest and frankly
so frankly it dumps on a 360

mc-fine3551d ago

Screen tearing is a function of having a framerate that is higher than the refresh rate of your TV/monitor. V-sync limits the framerate to match the monitor and will eliminate tearing in every game. KZ2 is capped at 30 fps for that reason.

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resistance1003552d ago

Killzone 2 is a fantastic game in every department. I can't see myself playing any other shooter for a while

grantps33552d ago

the only thing i could think of to add is...

the multiplayer badge system

rbluetank3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

i was trying to sneak up and knife kill a helgast. he was flanking around corners and shooting back at me. i thought he had lost sight of me as i approached him from behind for the stab wound. he turned around and shot me dead. as he looked down on my dead body he was pointing at his head to say he was smarter then me.... lmao the mufcker has anybody else noticed this animation...??? the game is AMAZING!!!!

ia_studio3552d ago

once a helghast after killing me, showed me his middle finger.
I don't know if it was me I think he was laughing.
and this was the demo.

ONE WEEK!, one week... I can wait one week, darn I can't.
i need this game.

XLiveGamer3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I can see ignorance have full control of your brain.

Did the AI achieve that because he saw you or because they programed the AI to do so without even watching you?

Just like CoD4 on Veteran mode. Everybody (AI enemy) know where you are all the time.

Chubear3552d ago

I screamed out "S&#%" and pause the game to think a bit on the train level when a group of Helgast rush me and I notice one of them actually signaled with his hand, point to another AI NPC to take a path to flank me.

It was freaky.

Traveler3552d ago

Oh yeah, the AI is very intelligent. Probably the best AI I have ever seen in a shooter (better than Halo's and Crysis's, for example)

Le Idiotce3552d ago

He is failing hard and I feel sorry for him because he will never be able to experience the ultimate shooter experience that is KZ2.

Yes, I have noticed the helghast pointing at his head. Yes, they flank and use group tactics.

The SP is a blast and definitely miles better than COD4s single player.

The MP is insanely fast and hectic. I still have to get used to aiming in multi player.

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heroicjanitor3552d ago

The main one being it is the only shooter released this year thus far...
But yeah if it was released at Christmas it still would've been the shooter of the year

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