Playstation Restructuring: Will This Affect Our Future Experience

For many years now Sony's Playstation brand has ushered in new an innovative ways in which we play games and utilize our home entertainment consoles. Today millions of gamers are accustom to a certain level of quality and innovation from the Playstation family. As we all know the Playstation 2 was the first entertainment console to offer the dvd format while the Playstation 3 was the first console to offer and introduce blu-ray format as an HD movie playback feature and allow for the use of an internet browser among other features.

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Gue13551d ago

If Sony start changing their approach in the gaming to a way I don't like then I will consider getting another console. As simple as that...

I have 3 bubbles but I'm not a fanboy.

Shadowolf3551d ago

Considering all the possibilities, I am eager to see what comes of this integration. I think this could further separate the playstation brand from competition if implemented correctly. A major mistake would be to force gamers to pay to high of a price tag for their next playstation launch system while the competition offers a more affordable option. I personally believe blu-ray was a need and not a gimmick, however I hope unnecessary integrations don't burn us as gamers in the future.

pwnsause3551d ago

yes, it means more integration between Sony Devices. Heck we might see a music store within the PS Store due to the Walkman Division being integrated into the SCE division.