22 of the Hottest Celebrity Women that Play Video Games


"We scoured the internet to try and find a good number of beautiful women that play video games. The task was difficult as could be expected. In our findings we found a combination of women that have been in video game movies or voiced video game characters in games. We also found some that use games for fitness or training. Some even enjoy games with their kids.

In a handful of cases we actually struck gold. Some of these women play games fanatically and know as much about the games they play as the average gamer if not more. So below are 22 of the hottest celebrity women that play video games... to some extent."

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Sangria3547d ago

Stoya made awesome shots on DeviantArt :3

zaldare3547d ago

Nice to know, however they did forget to mention Andrea Zafra who played 'Screaming Mantis' in MGS4, she's also a gamer who plays World of Warcraft several other games.

Masonsushi3546d ago

I like Morgan Webb. I wonder why she isn't on the list??