Street Fighter Movie KO'd By Critics


"We did our best to remain optimistic for this movie, but somewhere deep down, we always knew the deep, dark, depressing truth. That truth was forced painfully to the surface after laying eyes on the Metacritic average for "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li."

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SinnedNogara3549d ago

Makes complete sense. A movie about a chick throwing fireballs while being machine gunned by a guy named M. Bison should be a Oscar nominee


DevilVergilX3549d ago

I feel really sad that Kristin Kreuk did this. She may have ruined her career doing this movie. And she had such a pretty face too...

johover1123549d ago

i wanted to learn how to throw a fireball, just to shoot the white screen! and the film projector!!!!
read my comment on the other article "street fighter is a insult"

the only good thing about that day was when i played killzone 2

Sangria3549d ago
Can't stop laughing to some reviews, i love reading good-written reviews when it's about lame games or movies. Reviewers are never out of imagination to express their facepalm.jpg

HDgamer3549d ago

I really hate when so called directors can't even make a decent movie from a video game.

Freakwave0033549d ago

They could've at least given her the hair style.

Diugu3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

how good Variety is at reviewing. Giving out a 60 for this crap.

Variety should just leave reviews to the people with at least some sense in their heads.

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