Killzone 2 sells out fast and furious


"It seems that Killzone 2 mania has reached fever pitch as the game has been selling quite well just from pre-orders alone. However, after a quick survey around the retail chains, it seems that the game is selling just as well from walk-in purchases. In fact, in some retail channels the game has completely sold out.

It was announced that Europe alone had 1.1 million pre-orders for the game, which is phenomenal when you consider the fact that our brethrens across the pond really don't care for pre-orders as much as we do. It is unknown exactly how many pre-orders were placed within the States. Sony has already revealed that Killzone 2 broke just about every pre-order record they have for first party games."

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HDDVD183549d ago

based on just 1st day sales

apparently it has made new records in Poland,

madpuppy3549d ago

man, don't break your 360 controller because you cannot play KZ 2.

caffman3549d ago

The only droid passionate about sales in anywhere you don't care about!

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DaTruth3549d ago

Bu, bu, but, teh first Killzoned sold teh crap!

-EvoAnubis-3549d ago

Exactly. I can't wait to see what those peons have to say now.

Blaze9293549d ago

"It was announced that Europe alone had 1.1 million pre-orders for the game"

well seeing as they cant their facts straight there no point on reading anymore into the article.

Just came back from Gamestop after pre-ordering RE5, have a glass case full of Killzone 2 copies. Dunno, wonder how the game is selling; cant wait till numbers come out.

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Agent VX3549d ago

But it is really too bad that Killzone 2 isn't selling consoles... the Wii and 360 have been thumping it in sales.

Seems like that anybody that wants this game already has a PS3. Oh well, just got to wait until GOW 3 and GT5 comes out, maybe those games might move a few consoles.

DavidMacDougall3549d ago

God who cares how many consoles it sells the online part alone is amazing! Its just non stop im scared to turn my bad lol

The gaming GOD3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

And you have those "facts" from where exactly? Where is this "killzone isn't selling consoles" fact of yours coming from?

A link would be nice

StephanieBBB3549d ago

Haha, your legendary ^^

Killzone 2 has been out for 1 week. Unless you have been all around the world collecting sales data your pretty much making stuff up on the fly.

Wait a month before coming with the doom and gloom statements will ya? =)

Lucreto3549d ago

@The gaming GOD - Unless his ass has an internet connection we will not get one.

ape0073549d ago

ps3 is indeed a must buy console

I saw a LOT of 360 owners on youtube commenting about killzone 2


ZuperAmazingCooKie3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

"KZ2 isn't selling consoles", lol another fanboy making facts up.

Hey, I can also make up facts, check this out

PS3 150 million
Wii 130 million
PS2 200 million
Xbox 360 100,000 units


"sheesh, another acount..*facepalm* "

Care to elaborate?

Montrealien3549d ago


sheesh, another acount..*facepalm*

/on topic

Yeah, the game sold great at my store. It deserves the sales, its a great shooter.

interrergator3549d ago

uhhh thats not true poland sold copies and systems combined

Chubear3549d ago

Killzone 1 sold over 2million copies to date.

TheDude2dot03549d ago

I saw some copies at my local Walmart today. I wanted to buy one :(

Chris3993549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

And I tend to be cynical and not easily swayed.

After playing the game for a number of hours, the criticisms leveled at it seem a bit contrived.

The story - if you pay attention to it - is actually well thought out. And I can see that there are deeper plot-threads there that will manifest over time. Visari's speech and the opening cinema is one of the most epic introductions I've ever seen; eloquently and beautifully written too. That Rico character is annoying, but there's always people like that - in FPS' and in life :P In any event, the material and the presentation of the story is far, far better than we're used to seeing in conventional FPS/ third-person shooters.

And that set-piece at the end of stage one is brilliant. Tanks swarming the battle-field, missiles, bullets and debris flying, people screaming and chaos: it feels like a real war. I have never experienced so many "things" happening at once in a video-game. It goes without saying that the attention to detail is staggering.

All in all, a magnificent game; and I haven't even touched the multi-player yet.

Now the big question? When will I get my mitts on KZ3!!!?

Kleptic3549d ago

96% of my killzone 2 time so far has been online...already have 14 hours in, pretty spent every free minute of this entire weekend playing...

but I have played some the single player...and I agree...the story is actually pretty intriguing...while there isn't tons of plot points or anything, the sp so far is doing a great job of setting up Radec as some ridiculously awesome villain...I am only 33% into the single player...but what happens to the convoy is one of those game moments that sticks with you; to anyone that hasn't gotten that far yet...

online though...flawless...a full 32 player warzone on search and destroy is about as crazy as things can get and still be fun...people everywhere...forwards spawn everywhere...automated sentrys and can't really be described...

but yeah...the single player voice acting is so all over the place...its really the only negative I've found with the game...Rico is a douche...i wish I could mute him...Garza is somewhere in the middle...really corny lines, but better than Rico in terms of voice acting...and Natko is actually pretty cool, and has by far the best lines in the game...

and then of course the real actors that play Radec and Visari (brian cox for visari, but forget the guy that voices Radec) are on an entirely different level...its a shame the people you hear the most couldn't have been done a bit better though...

NickIni3549d ago

"But it is really too bad that Killzone 2 isn't selling consoles... the Wii and 360 have been thumping it in sales."


First it was "KZ2 will suck" then it was "it won't sell" and now it's "it won't sell consoles".


xbollox3549d ago

run to buy it NOW.
it's that good

Sarcasm3549d ago

I think KZ2 single player is around an 8.5/10. It was amazing in some parts, but lacking in others. The graphics are 15/10. It's actually sensory overload if you try to pay attention to all the details. The multiplayer, 10/10!!! I've never had so much fun on multiplayer since COD4 when that first came out.

All in all I cant wait for Killzone 3. I think the graphics will look something like the intro scene.

xbollox3548d ago

the refinery level (train) is the best looking realtime rendering in history. the physics are a little weird on the train but it just looks mind boggling! GG, you guys are geniuses, you've accomplished something amazing with this game... i'm speachless...

theoneb3548d ago

All fanboyism and bias aside this is the best multiplayer game on the planet. Once you clear your mind of the pray and spray tactics of other shooters that is. It is a little harder to aim at first but once you get used to the cotrols You will not want to play anything else I garuntee it give it a try and watch hours of your life get Killzoned

XxZxX3548d ago

I have been playing so much Killzone 2 that I can see helghast when I close my eyes. The game is simply AWESOME. Lastly suck to be Agent VX, he cant play.

Looking forward to killzowned you guys online.

edgeofblade3548d ago

So this guy has "data" from a "quick survey" that says the game is selling like crazy.

And this other guy says KZ2 isn't selling consoles.

I think you are both full of fanboy crap. And anyone who agrees with either of them is a blind fanboy agreeing with what they want to believe.

I wonder what this quick survey consisted of... talking to a single gamestop clerk?

Danja3548d ago

good for Sony this game deserves to sell well...spent most of yesterday playin online...pretty sweet game..shoot it's more fun than the beta

the SP campaign is not bad at all.....omg the graphics the sick the physics and lighting , animations are best I have seen in a FPS..A.I is awesome also..they even give you a challenge on

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MrJack3549d ago

Things are looking great! See you all online!

table3549d ago

the game deserves to sell as many copies as mgs4.

Morgue3549d ago

Jim Rockford pic there.

Montrealien3549d ago

I would even say as many copies as Halo 3, but MGS numbers would work also.

aiphanes3549d ago

Way to go sony! You did good on this one...God of War 3 will be next...

cliffbo3549d ago

don't forget Infamous and Uncharted2 :)

Sevir043549d ago

uncharted 2 will do 2 million because the first game was sick!!! SEE YOU ALL ONLINE AND GREAT JOB FOR SONY AND GG

ape0073549d ago

I feel proud to have a ps3

wow,all these games

TOO PAWNED3549d ago

Europe is not an issue, never was. We buy Sony games, that is prooven fact. My concerne is USA, and i was burned before, so i will wait for NPD.

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