Exclusive NHL Game Hitting PS3 At Year's End?

A listing at a website for hockey video games suggests the impending release of a new NHL title, Gretzky NHL 2010, currently being developed by Sony's first-party Page 44 Studios. All other listed NHL games have been officially released, making the title's informal announcement appear more than simply an educated guess.

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PirateThom3579d ago

Page 44 aren't owned by Sony.

TOO PAWNED3579d ago

yeah, never heard of that studio btw.

TOO PAWNED3579d ago

although it seems there were already "gretzky nhl" games in past, last one in 06 on PSP, and more interesting fact is that Sony was publisher of that IP, which means they own IP. Sony never publishes game if they can't secure IP. So maybe it is true that PS3 game is in the making.
I guess good for those that like that sport, but i heard that EAs hockey game is very good.

hiptanaka3579d ago

what was meant is that the game is being published by SCEA (as they own the IP) and the development is being handled by Page-44.

ps921173579d ago

Had not heard of page44, but kool wonder if they could use killzone engine.

ThatOneGuyThere3579d ago

like you shoot the puck and the goalie's head explodes! thatd be sick! sign me up!

OGharryjoysticks3579d ago

If you have ever checked the future release schedule at IGN for the PS3 they have always listed this game.