5 games that need to come to the PSP

With the announcement of some stellar titles arriving on the PSP this year, it would appear that owners of the device finally have a good reason to charge it up again and book a long train journey. With the idea of creating a cutesy LBP level during rush hour headaches-ville and ripping through Motorstorm's snowy, mountainous terrain while sitting on the toilet firmly processed in our brains, it seems only fitting that we discuss which games should also be brought to the device.

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Fullish3548d ago

Haha Bioshock, that would have to be soo downsampled.

cliffbo3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

you didn't know? here's a short list of available titles and titles coming soon:

that list isn't up to date by the way, there are dozens of games that are coming out this year that are not there

iseven3548d ago

psp just needs to die. imo

cliffbo3548d ago

why, what has it done to you?

Mcrmarcher3548d ago

psp needs new games dam it! The last game I bought for mine was Gow.

cliffbo3548d ago

be patient through 2009 and i can assure you that you will be totally happy with the games on offer

Clance3547d ago

LBP, Resistance, Motorstorm, Assassin's Creed all on the way. I reckon a new GoW too.

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