Making Killzone 3 What Killzone 2 Isn't (Better Even?) writes: "Killzone 2 has finally released, and while the world is still spinning, rumours have begun running rife about Guerrilla Games' working on the third (perhaps, final?) Killzone title for the Playstation 3, along with Killzone: Liberation 2. It's a big enough deal that the second game didn't exactly touch the pinnacle of perfection, as most detractors have been quick to point out, but it comes pretty damned close. Now, to make Killzone 3 better than Killzone 2? Quite simply, by taking everything that works and retooling it to not simply add to the game experience but expand upon it.

"Old players can test their skills in the new settings, new players can wallow in a fresh experience…but that's just the multi-player, and the beginning. Let's take it one step at a time."

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grantps33551d ago

that title doesnt make any sense

Nike3550d ago

Giving Killzone 3 all those features to make it different from Killzone 2 and perhaps better? It's only a guess, though. :D


Alright article but the author is trying to make KIllzone into some kind of RPG kind of game, sounds like to me atleast when i read it, but i do agree with some other stuff he mentioned, like a MAG still online, i just JIzzed in My PANTS

Nike3550d ago

I know. It's like he's assuming the cast of Killzone 3 will share the stage and play "Eyes on Me" while the protagonist romances a female Helghast soldier. :P

And on that last part, ew dude. >_<

GVON3550d ago

The MP graphics are so so, so Fing good.I struggle to believe i'm online at times,and with little to no lag for me.
not sure the name (desert with 3 bridges) the scale with that quality is mental,you can see the little lights of the men all the way across the map,you can see their guns light up areas around them,
You get blinded by the dust your teamates kick up if their running infront of you,and it's all crystal clear,technically it's a step up,no not a step,a whole fing fire escape up on anything i've seen on a console (and a good few Pc games),oh and before I forget it plays as great as it looks.

big thanks to GG and Sony for delivering on this,no matter if your a fanboy or not some games everyone has to hold their hands up and say I got spend time on this game.

How to make it better,I think it's to early to really talk in depth,but something i'd like is the proximity chat to be worked on.
In the Socom beta I would hear people talking as if they were in the game,with effects added based on the room or areas ambiance,it was brilliantly done,so like socom that would be open mic and squad talk should be toggle on and off.

Traveler3550d ago

I have never seen another multi-player game look this good, period.

The really amazing thing is, that it has the gameplay to match the graphics. It's truly an awesome game all around.

Chubear3550d ago

I've seen one other MGO. Not a big fa of the game but that's the first time I've ever seen an online game look like that. KZ2 has done the same and this speaks volumes.

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Unicron3550d ago

What I'd like to see is a more robust party system and co-op. That's all so far. :-)

Major_Tom3550d ago

GG did that party system specifically so clan mates wouldn't hurt together, going around and destroying folks like they did in COD4.

OldParr3550d ago

i would like to see a theater mode where u can watch ur previous i got the craziest and luckiest grenade kill and i didnt have the chance to have a replay. all games should have this just like halo3

Chubear3550d ago

whole heartedly agree.

InfectedDK3550d ago

Well I dont think that Killzone 2 is a game that wont have any patches, updates, extras, add-ons - If ya have heard of that before.. So ofcourse it will be perfect if it isn already now. The guys at GG will ofcourse listen to people and try to make the game superior to anything else. Already thinking of Killzone 3 getting the things Killzone 2 dont got right now is ridiculous.

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