Gamezebo: Unwell Mel Review

Unwell Mel, the first game from Big Fish Games' new studio in Vancouver, B.C., is the expanded version of the popular online match-3 puzzler that many fans have been waiting for. Without a doubt, it was well worth the wait. This intriguing, challenging version does not disappoint, and even adds a few changes and surprises that will delight players of all ages.

Poor Mel is unwell... so much so that he is the magnet for every disease known to man. As his doctor, Mel needs your help to assess, diagnose and clear away the gunk and bugs that have made him so ill. Dealing with maladies such as "Mel N. Cholia" to "Eyephelia Pain", you will scan Mel in the "Scan-O-Matic" diagnostic machine, purchase helpful power-ups from "Ed" the salesman, and have a blast while you cure Unwell Mel and send him into the world happy and healthy.

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