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Halo Wars Skulls

Locations of every halo wars skull in the game, by DuelGame. (Halo Wars, Xbox 360)

omodis420  +   1875d ago
Didn't even know Halo Wars had skulls
gaylo001  +   1875d ago
Wow halo wars has skulls how lame
tnkGODimATHEIST  +   1875d ago
No thats badass.
terrandragon  +   1875d ago
Now if Killzone 2 had skulls it would be the most innovative thing in the world, wouldn't it?
PirateThom  +   1875d ago
Killzone 2 has both Helghast symbols and intel to collect.

That's more things, so it's more innovative.

In case you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic. Many games have collectables.
oriol003  +   1875d ago
Yeah I know
StoneySweatLeafs  +   1875d ago
Doesn't matter everyone is going to be playing Killzone 2
No Way  +   1875d ago
@StoneySweatLeafs -
Except you.. Cause, obviously trolling is better, and much funner, than playing Killzone2.

Get lost..
IaMs12  +   1875d ago
Ok what the heck is up with people, every thread no matter what it is, even about sh*t has Killzone 2 in it somewhere, give it up! You are ruining a good game by trying to hype it
JOLLY1  +   1875d ago
That's funny...
I had just found all of them in forge... Looks like I am not as fast as I thought.
oriol003  +   1875d ago
This is are for Halo Wars not Halo 3
JOLLY1  +   1875d ago
oops....my bad. I didn't realize there were skulls in Halo Wars, well hurry up Monday night!
oriol003  +   1875d ago
Yeah its cuz the Europeans got it the 27th lucky bastards
C U Next Tuesday  +   1874d ago
About Time
Well no offense but its about time us English had games out before Americans..... How do you think we feel???? And don't take this the wrong way America's Great!

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