US release of Cross Edge delayed for Trophy support

NIS America is bringing quirky (and low budget) JRPG Cross Edge to the States. While it was expected to release this March, the game has been quietly delayed. The reason? Nippon Ichi is spending a bit more time on the game, adding a feature missing from the original Japanese release of the game: Trophies.

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Kamikaze1353549d ago

I remember, I believe it was Insomniac games, who said that a trophy patch would not take longer than a week if the developer is dedicated to it. NIS America is taking 2 months to add the patch? What a lazy bunch.

However, the delay might have more to do with them getting their ass chewed by NIS HQ in Japan because of the last game that came out who's name always escapes my tongue. The translation was so horrible (not to mention bug infested), that they were scolded for it and experienced a few lay offs. Now they're re-reading each and every line they translate multiple times over and testing each game a load of times.....

I can't wait to play this game though. It looks like a lot of fun.

kazuma3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

lol yeah, that's ar tonelico 2. the translation was awful and it had at least one game-breaking bug (if you didn't pass a certain boss before he used a certain attack, you couldn't get past it)

so awesome XD

SaiyanFury3549d ago

A sh!tty deals. Oh well, i guess it'll satisfy those that just have to get all the trophies. I was hoping to get it in March, but whatever. I'm importing the Asian version of Demon's Souls so that'll most likely keep me entertained until it comes out.

The gaming GOD3549d ago

This is a "good" delay in my eyes. The original japanese version doesn't even have trophy support. So we shouldn't be mad about this one. In fact, we should be thankful they are including the support BEFORE releasing it to the U.S. and Europe

Kamikaze1353549d ago

It's like I stated on my first comment. They got their asses chewed for the horrible translation of Ar Tonelico 2 (thanks,kazuma for reminding me of the name, lol). They're basically going to translate the game, look over it again and again to make sure there are no typos or bugs within the US version. Also, to make up for that mistake that was Ar Tonelico 2, they're adding trophy support.....dammit, Disgaea 3 needs trophy support as well >_>

The gaming GOD3549d ago

That makes sense. And I didn't know they messed up Ar Tornelico 2's translation. I do remember them messing up Ar Tornelico 1's though.

In any case, I'm just happy for the trophy support. And yeah I agree, Disgaea 3 trohpy support would be nice while they're at it lol

Da One3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

It's also reported the NIS fired some of NISAmerica's staff after Ar Tonelico 2, according to some guy on gamefaqs a NISA rep told him that NIS was uber pissed at the job NISA did on Ar Tonelico, thus people had to get cut

edit-------------take this with a grain of Salt