Killzone 2: The Ultimate Shooter Experience

Where do I begin? Well, let me start by stating the obvious. Amazing! From the time we picked up the dualshock 3 controller and begin this epic battle against this unyielding and relentless beast known as the Helghast until the final credits began to roll, we were absolutely blown away by KILLZONE 2.

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Gun_Senshi3549d ago

@4000kish points online :D I didn't bother with offline I tried it for 1 hour to get the feel and hopped on online.

Watch your back online, I'm working for Sabotage Ribbons for C4. The "Friendly" near you can be me blowing your head off.

3549d ago
Gun_Senshi3549d ago

Bots in Skirmish are way better then people online TBH LOL.

The IQ of Bots is better then most players online.

olivia3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

is it me but the graphics got better the further you got compare the first stage to the second or even third,but not just that but the enemy ai got so brutal i must of died 20 times in the second stage lol and i'm no noob.

RebornSpy3549d ago

I haven't tried Skirmish yet, but so far I haven't been super impressed by the campaign AI. It seemed good for a while, but when I switched to my knife and started rampaging through their ranks, it took a heavy dude to stop me. It's dumb that they are so powerless against a knife.

I haven't gotten that far into the game, but so far it's great and the multiplayer is amazing.

StephanieBBB3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Try playing on the hardest difficulty level. The A.I gets a huge improvement. And the officers with the slice and dice ability are hard as hell to take on. One burst and your gone.

I started with the hardest difficulty and then I ramped it down on the last boss fight. The A.I became laughable. But then again it's designed for noobs.

Probably gonna take on the difficulty that gets unlocked after you beat the game but right now im two arms and legs deep in to the multiplayer. Almost got that sniper badge =)

Gun_Senshi3548d ago

well duh reborspy troll.

Stop playing on recuit. On recuit you can take 100 bullets before you even die and you can charge and run around like headles chicken.

I started SP on Veteran. Real men play games Hard and over even 1st time thru

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360degrees3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

As there are currently several far superior FPS games out there that surpass it in many ways. But I would call it an "Experience" in the classic and reliable FPS format of point, shoot, advance, repeat. When I purchased my copy yesterday I really was hoping for more innovation in gameplay, enemy AI, etc but sadly this is not the case. Again as I stated before the one saving feature of KZ2 is its above average lighting effects, but this does not make up for poor textures, abysmal vocal syncing and facial animations. But fear not my friends, as a true gamer I will give this game my full attention, and a fair chance, in the hopes that it manages to sway my opinion on it (hopefully optimistic, but Highly Doubtful)

Gun_Senshi3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

i'm sorry no other shooter has better AI then KZ2, including FEAR.

As a PC gamer that always said FPS on consoles suck, and hated COD online for being made noobish compared to COD2, I was impressed by KZ2.

Shadowolf3549d ago

360degrees, I definitely respect your opinion so please don't consider my questioning of your KILLZONE 2 impression as a fanboy rant. We are all more than entitled to voice our opinion and I am glad you did.

However, my question; You stated, "As there are currently several far superior FPS games out there that surpass it in many ways." If you don't mind could you list at least maybe 3 to maybe 4 games that you consider far superior and briefly explain how? I am very curious.

360degrees3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

The enemy AI in FEAR (part 1 is superior to part 2) is by far the most superior AI I have experienced thus far. In playing that particular video game, I experienced one out of only a few times in my gaming life that I was impressed, and pleasantly surprised at the difficulty and intelligence that the AI displayed. From flanking positions, to falling back, calling in re-enforcements, and rushing my position, FEAR is in a class of its own (on Hard mode of course lol)

@ Shadowolf
I appreciate you respecting my opinion, and approaching my comment without the usual name calling and accusations that I in fact do not have a ps3 lol. Its odd that I always seem to receive massive disagrees and such simply for refusing to follow blindly, and go with he crowds "best game EVAR" mentality. I will always continue speaking out about games flaws, and subpar quality no matter how highly anticipated. Oh and in regards to games that I believe surpass KZ2 here are a few
Crysis- Graphics
COD4- Controls
Halo(1,2,3)-Controls, game pace, all around fun factor
Resistance 1 & 2- perfect MP (speedy) game pace
F.E.A.R. 1 & 2 - Brilliant Enemy AI

d_dogg20073549d ago

LOL 360degrees if you were a true gamer then you wounldnt have bought the xbox 360. A true gamer knows what a great console is and thats hands down the ps3. So yeah GTFO Killzone smokes everything out there, i know i just beat it today, Simply amazing.

food863549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

well I could give a rats ass of what you think of killzone truth is your voice is in the minority. for everyone person that doesn't like killzone 10 do like it and that can be stated as a fact not "opinion"

and pray do tell me which shooters have you played that makes killzone seem unappealing. for the record plz don't mention halo or gears. for me killzone has a feel like counter strike on pc but in terms of action and appeal the killzone one is more lasting. I would really like to see your list if not for research just for laughs.

ukilnme3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

@ d_dogg2007

Your comment makes me laugh because it shows me how sad you are. You should not call yourself a true gamer or a gamer at all. True gamers realize there is more to console gaming than just the PS3. Nevertheless you are entitled to your opinion no matter how short sighted it may be.

@ 360degrees

I bought KZ2 yesterday. I hope to get to play it today but my wife and kids have my tv occupied (can only afford 1 HDTV right now). I have played the demo and it has left me wanting more. I respect your opinion but I hope I don't come away feeling the same way about KZ2. I absolutely loved Halo 1-3 and hope that KZ2 blows my mind.

JOLLY13549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

stuttering dog (d_dogg) you were serious when you wrote that post? A true gamer would only have one console? Wow, someone has an inferiority complex. I know that word has more than 2 syllables, but just try and sound it out.

Oh and to food....10:1 people like it, that mean fact? I guess you should really look up what the word opinion means in the dictionary.

Gun_Senshi3549d ago

I'm sorry, FEAR AI is all pre scripted espically in FEAR 2 -_-'

Jamegohanssj53549d ago

When you said F.E.A.R I lol'ed.


d_dogg20073549d ago

Allow me to elaborate for the 2 noobs that commented. True gamers support innovation, fresh ideas and advancement in technology. They don't support a company or a console that brings out last gen games on last gen hardware, stalls the evolution of the industry, then tries to buy its way out with 3rd party support and on top of it manufactures a console with 33% failure rate and you noobs support that? Thats a true gamer? SO im gonna buy a console for the 1 or 2 good games it has in about 4 years and that will make me a true gamer? NO i support the console that strives on innovation, cutting edge games (MGS4, Killzone 2, LBP) and that offers lasting appeal.

So have fun with all your consoles and remember this would you buy a car that has a 33% chance of the breaks failing on you?

ukilnme3549d ago

Allow me to elaborate for you. True gamers support fun no matter what console it is on. Don't dare call yourself a true gamer. We all know what you are.

JOLLY13549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Since there is no object on your car called a break, it would be hard for it to fail. Now if you are talking about brakes, I see your point. Now about stalling innovation. Are you talking about the company that took out rumble? Probably not, but maybe you were talking about the company that took out backwards compatibility.. no? How about the company that tried innovating a new controller then just went back to the old style? How is the 360 holding back gaming? cross game chat, custom ingame music for every game, Xbox Live, being able to access anything you want ingame. Yeah those aren't innovations at all.

Oh and like ukilnme said.....true gamers support fun....class dismissed

d_dogg20073549d ago

Ukilnme shut your mouth your just an idealist. I don't need 3 different consoles to have fun. One is enough for me. As for JOLLY, honestly rumble is nothing special it's borderline annoying, always rumbling who cares it adds nothing to the experience. Backwards compatability, well who cares about that my ps2 still works fine and also i didn't buy the ps3 so that i can play my old ps2 games that i have been playing for the last 8 years, when i have MGS4 and brand new games coming out. No one needs backwards compatability its only a select few that really complain about like you. By the way does your xbox have full backwards compatability i don't think so. Also DVD9 is stunting games development, think about what gta4 would have been if it had 50g of space or maybe RE5 and maybe your precious gears of war, they both looked awfully familiar.

SO please spare me keep support that and don't be hurt when next year they cut the xbox 360 and move on just like they did with the first one. And has for all the other stuff you mentionned who cares about that i don't seem to have a problem connecting with my friends and on top of it everything for me has been free, how much have you been paying for live since it came out 250$. That 250$ looks real nice with a recession maybe you could have paid some bills with that, nah instead you choose to pay for something everyone else gets for free. LOL

JOLLY13549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Those are some really good examples also. Let me think about it and get back to you.

Oh and to the pup... I didn't know that 9 months old was new. I also didn't know that watching movies was innovative. Yes I am making fun of the mildly cut-scene heavy (by mildly I ridiculously) mgs4.

macalatus3549d ago

360degrees is pissed off right now that Halo Wars got 6.5 from Gamespot; probably had to re-buy GTAIV for the DLC; and that the DLC for Fallout 3 was crappy as hell.

In short, he's in depressed mode right now, so give him a break!

ThatOneGuyThere3549d ago

There is in fact an object in a car called a break. Except, usually it goes by its nickname, Ford. ;)

JOLLY13549d ago

good come back that one guy.... I drive a Subaru, so I guess I forgot about the domestics :P

nycredude3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Quit your weak ass trolling man! Let me show people how much of a retarded troll you are. Your list of "superior" fps:

Crysis- Graphics
COD4- Controls
Halo(1,2,3)-Controls, game pace, all around fun factor
Resistance 1 & 2- perfect MP (speedy) game pace
F.E.A.R. 1 & 2 - Brilliant Enemy AI

Notice how these games you name only one aspect that "you" believe to be superior. Having one aspect of a game you consider to be superior doesn't make the entire game superior. The fact that all those superior things from these games added up pretty much sums up what Killzone 2 is makes your argument moot.

Killzone 2:
Graphics: checked
Controls: Checked - may not be your cup of tea but I thought it was perfect for this type of shooter.
Gamepace and fun: Checked
MP: Checked
Brilliant Enemy AI: Checked

According to you it takes 9 games together to be superior to Killzone 2!!! Hahahah talk about self ownage!

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PirateThom3549d ago

The game has already slipped into my top 3 shooters, just behind Half-Life 2 and just ahead of Goldeneye.

JOLLY13549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

It is a pretty fun game. There are a ton of scripted parts that make you feel like a bad ass. My problem is that it is a corridor shooter. I got so sick playing it that I constantly had to take breaks. I can only stay inside a corridor for so long.

*edit* I wonder why you are getting so many disagrees for your oopinion...

SupaPlaya3549d ago

People are disagreeing with what you like. Apparently they know more of what you like than you. Genius!

LCF3549d ago

I agree with you PirateThom, finally a game that beats Goldeneye.

Major_Tom3549d ago

Every time I see you post something you're digging yourself a hole. Try not to so confrontational.

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Baba19063549d ago

i love the multiplayer its so cool how the actionvelocity changes depending on the mission. so much fun.

MGOelite3549d ago

i like it as well i was pretty pissed when i found out you have to be like near max rank before you get the sniper rifle

Farsendor13549d ago

yeah most online games are very long and awesome i hate short games this one will last a long time good job gg and sony :) and nice opinion ps3theevolution

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