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The greatest strategy game of all time.

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Gun_Senshi3551d ago

Some reviewers gave a RTS named Halo Wars 9/10 and 10/10. Empire: Total War should be 50/10

lord_of_balrogs3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Buddy Halo Wars is a console RTS, Empire is a PC RTS. Big difference. Would you compare a Wii game to a game found on the PS3 or the 360? There's a different reviewing scale for the Wii, 360/PS3 and the PC. Only the 360 and PS3 share the same review scale because they are both alike in many ways.

overinePT3551d ago

I disagree. Like lord_of_balrogs said, Halo Wars is a futuristic console RTS, with a simple gameplay, and Empire Total War a complex PC RTS. I love both but they're completely different.

heyheyhey3551d ago

Total War shows why Halo Wars sucks:

Halo Wars- simple, paint-by-numbers RTS

Total War- engaging, rewarding, deep, complex RTS.... how they should be

if you want short burst action like in Halo Wars you should just play an FPS

Agent VX3551d ago

GOTY goes to Empire: Total War.

Sorry, anybody that uses Halo Wars in the same sentence with Empire: Total War is nothing but a silly fanboy.

Hey, nothing wrong with Halo Wars, it is just another simple and fun RTS game. But it is nothing like Empire, this game is hardcord, Halo Wars not so much.

Either way, still deciding on the Special Edition or not?

Vecta3551d ago

Empire Total War is a PC 4X game with large RTS batttles.

Halo Wars is a console traditional RTS.

Whilst I most definitely love the Total War series more then any other 4X/Strategy game, comparing the two is stupid considering their target audiences.

wirapuru3551d ago

Just to add that TW Series are not purely RTS (Real Time Strategy) it's mainly turn-based with RTS battles that can even not be played, witch is a huge difference.

If you want to compare these two you'll have to do the same between Fallout3 and Crysis just because they are "FPS".

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IrishAssa3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

CPU is Intel core 2 quad Q6600 @ 2.4 GHZ
Current GPU is nVidia geForce 8600gs 512mb
any suggestions to a cheap one that can play this on recommended??

TheIneffableBob3551d ago

The 8800 GT, 9800 GT, and 8800 GTS cards would run the game quite well and those cards are pretty cheap.

They should be able to be found for less than $100.

I run E:TW on my 8800 GTS 512 at High settings and the frame rate is great.

IrishAssa3551d ago

thnx will buy the 8800GT

heyheyhey3551d ago

maaaaan this game looks good... i love Total War

Bathyj3551d ago

The best RTS ever.

I wonder if it gets a midnight launch.

Johandevries3551d ago

10/10 should be absolutely impossible to achieve...

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