Run away from the 1UP, Mario. Mario 64 gamer creates hilarious new mini-game

In the N64 version of Mario 64, the 1-up mushroom would slowly chase you no matter what. Japanese gamers have created a fun new mini-game out of this "event", with hilarious results. The video is especially funny when he thinks he's "safe", and the 1-Up is actually creeping up on him.

Any fan of Mario should check this out.


If you just want the funny part (the payoff), skip to 5:30

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crazypuppet3551d ago

i didnt find it funny at all, but i guess its Japanese humor.

-EvoAnubis-3551d ago

That was actually funny as all hell. Loved it.

Qdog3551d ago

I guess your just closed-minded. Sure it isnt a blooper from a current first person shooter, so I can understand where your coming from. However, it was funny to the majority, and I am an American gamer, so I dont understand the Japanese remark. To know where games are going, one must first study where they started.

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LKane3551d ago

Lol that was pretty funny.

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The story is too old to be commented.