Lost Planet 2 - New co-op screenshots

Capcom published some new screenshots from the cooperative mode of Lost Planet 2. Check them out.

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king dong3550d ago

the second best looking game so far this gen. capcom easily have the best looking multi-platform engine now...

hold on, where's all the "360-is-already-maxed-bec ause-gears-is-the-best-looking- game" idiots? i see you've all gone because lp2 destroys gears graphically, and has made you all look

dont worry though, lp2 will come to the ps3

Heldrasil3550d ago

Indeed...they are nice shots.

Perjoss3550d ago

Sony does an excellent job of making people believe that the ps3 is much more powerful than the 360.

Supercalifragili3550d ago

If this are in-game screens then we have here a very goog game.

Mandaspt3550d ago

Yes are in-game screenshots.

kittoo3550d ago

Its going to be Multi-plat, and not only to PS3 but to PCs too.

diefor3550d ago

I Think only temporary exclusive.

Obama3550d ago

lol it's going to be multi. :)

II Necroplasm II3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Just hope it's going to be a good port to the PS3 this time around

n to the b3550d ago

Obama quote: "Really? Can you read your crystal ball and tell me what MS is going to show at E3?"

which he made over here:

If you think people shouldn't try to predict the future here on n4g, then why are you predicting multi-plat for Lost Planet 2? Did you look into your crystal ball to find that one out??

XLiveGamer3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Obama just got owned by -n to the b- lol !

Sweet ! Coop campaign ! Lets hope they give us a decent 1st person view now.

But yes the game can be multi-platform or just xclusive to Xbox360.
We DON'T KNOW yet. Remember that also was a PC game. But if PS3 Gamers have been posted bad comments against this game why they care so much if its going to be a multi-platform or not? ¿What? ¿Do you want this game on your god... i mean console too now?

And i really don't care if end up a multi-platform. All i know its that i like the game and like the 1st one its going to be a multi-platform a la multi-player crossover between PC & X360. Sweet more gamers!

Obama ¿Why don't you just wait for future info about the game and take your NWO Puppet president picture out of here?

Obama3550d ago

The situation here is quite different. If Lost Planet 2 is indeed a 360 exclusive, don't you think MS would be boasting this by now? As with the MS showing in up coming E3, the bots just spew out whatever title they can find, which is not reasonable.

II Necroplasm II3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Obama unless you work for Microsoft you don't know what they have in store for their Xbox 360 owners.

Xbox 360 is having some great games this year why can't you just except that? If you only own a PS3 then just don't worry about what's coming out for the 360.

Why dis3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Its only in development for the 360 lol.

I'm glad they're going to focus on the 360 hardware with out having to taylor the game for PS3's hardware.

No one wants to hear PS3 fans claim this is Multi platform when its not.

Feel free to celebrate when Capcom starts development for other platforms then announces it lol.

Its like saying Final Fantasy Versus is multi platform and is coming to the 360 because of SE's style.

You're better off just skipping what Obama has to say.

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4Sh0w3550d ago

this game looks gorgeous, I know these are from 360 but is it really in-game?

DelbertGrady3550d ago

I wish the screens were bigger. They look compressed and therefore jaggy. Nonetheless the game looks great =)

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