Demon´s Souls - New screenshots

SCEJ published an amazing batch of new screenshots from Demon´s Souls. Check them out.

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Da One3576d ago

When it'll release in the U.S. no one knows

Supercalifragili3576d ago

One of the most overhyped games. Nothin special about it. It´s ugly.

Chris3993576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

It's been charting in Japan for over 3 weeks now because they UNDERESTIMATED THE DEMAND and shipped way less than they should have. Unlike Ninja Blade (From Software's other title released around the same time) that charted in the bottom 10 and then vanished.

There is absolutely no hype surrounding this game and there should be. It looks dark, edgy and just plain interesting. As well, I assume that you speak kanji and have imported the game? Because if you haven't then I really can't see what you are basing your assumptions on.

I'll be picking it up for sure.

diefor3576d ago

I agree with you. Some games just don't sell, if they don't have some a kind of hype.

InfectedDK3576d ago

Yes looks good.
They really get the games in Japan. White Knight Cronicles, Yakuza 3, Demon´s Souls.. All we wanna know is when do WE get the chance to play..

Panthers3576d ago

How can you call this game overhyped? LOL

MisterNiwa3576d ago

You need to be drunk to call this game Overhyped.. lol, its UNDERhyped!

Mozilla893576d ago

But these screenshots have got my interest up. If it has a decent story and good gameplay it should be a good buy.

SaiyanFury3576d ago


You call this game overhyped? How many people even know this game is coming out? I've not yet seen a single piece of advertising for it. Although it does have something of a legacy to live up to. The King's Field games were awesome and this game looks like it'll deliver. I've already ordered the Asian version and I can't wait to get it.

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OmarJA3576d ago

Amazing, can't wait...

xztence3576d ago

Yeah this seriously looks pretty damn nice

pippoppow3576d ago

Confirmed to have full English support. Will be importing the game. Check out and . Just have to setup a chinese PSN account before the game arrives to take advantage of online component.


Setup Chinese Acct

beavis4play3576d ago

i'm wanting to play...........just as soon as i wear out my KZ addiction.

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The story is too old to be commented.