Killzone Fansite for PS3 Browser

We're happy to announce the launch of Killzone Fansite optimised for Playstation 3 browser! (By all means, the site also works on all major PC browsers as well as on some multimedia mobile phones)

Now you can follow official and unofficial news, watch videos & trailers (also optimised for PS3), read articles, hints, tips and more directly from your Playstation 3

- Open Internet Browser that's located under Network icon
- Press Start button and type in:

Suggestions, bug reports, contributions are more than welcome!

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InfectedDK3573d ago

That actually looks like a great fansite compared to so many random ones..

Shadowolf3573d ago

Wow! A very impressive fansite indeed. Great work on the site, I'll definitely have to invest some time to it.

madpuppy3573d ago

enjoyed my visit. information laid out in an intelligent easy to navigate manner.