The End of an Era? - Hardcore Games

Gamer Limit writes: If you believe everything you read on the internet you are probably well aware that the console is facing its doom and extinction, never to grace our dusty floors again. You also probably believe in the one true ceiling cat looming over us all, and that the world was destroyed last year after the Large Hadron Collider flicked its on switch. Where in all this jam packed maze of the interwebs lies the final nail in the console's coffin? Casual games.

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AcesAndEights3552d ago

Not sure if everyone will agree but social games do seem to be storming the games market at the moment. Will probably lead to the AAA games getting more casual.

kaironn3552d ago

We'll still get our hardcore games :D

agentxricky3552d ago

All right for the most part.

Fullish3552d ago

It's only the end of the era if the gamers act that way.

lord_of_balrogs3552d ago

As long as people keep buying the Halos, Gears, Killzones, and other such games the hardcore genre will never die out.

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The story is too old to be commented.