Killzone 2 exceeds 30 thousand units in Poland.

"Sony just informed us that the sale of Killzone 2 (included in the kits of the PS3) in Poland since the launch has exceeded 30 thousand units."

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OGharryjoysticks3580d ago

I'm not sure if everybody has the same thing going on, but the NA version of the game has every territory's language available on the disc.

HDDVD183580d ago

expect kz2 to sell around 1.5m at launch
in poland there are around 70k -100k ps3s

so definitely an awesome launch

HDDVD183580d ago

so this goes to show how big kz2 is in europe

doomx563580d ago

It also shows how small Halo 3 is

callahan093580d ago

This is good. At least, it's outsold all other PS3 games in Poland already. So that seems good to me.

HDDVD183580d ago

I think that is the highest number for any ps3 game at launch

chewy3173580d ago

dude poland isnt america or japan, or britain even, its gaming community is smaller, thus this number is high.

markfrost3580d ago

Before I say if this is AMAZING or not, how many PS3 owners are there in Poland?

resistance1003580d ago

It can't be that much, my guess would be 100-200K

HDDVD183580d ago

basically poland is a small country where ps3 is highly priced
but eventually ps3 will do ps2 numbers there as well

iceatcs3580d ago

it is hard to work out because Poland has all around board to many countries, therefore many people travel cross for cheaper stuff.

There are might be lot of PS3 system import from Germany for cheaper price.

But 30K is very good for first day.

DelbertGrady3580d ago

Poland is not a small country. It has a population of 38 million. In comparison, Canada has 34 million people.

Dimitri3580d ago

Im from Poland, what the government does to people is insane =/..
Government is corrupted, they rather take all the money for themselves instead of making the country move forward..

about 80% of Polands gamers play on PCs.. counter strike and other MMO games.. There are about 70k PS3s sold in Poland so 50k of KZ2 copies is amazing..

riddlesticks3580d ago

"basically poland is a small country..."

Poland is not a small country. It has a has a greater population than Algeria, Canada, Morocco, Uganda, Iraq, Nepal, Malaysia and Ireland. In total it has 0.57% of the worlds population and has the 33rd highest population in the world.

It also covers 0.21% of the worlds land and is 69th largest country ahead of Italy, United Kingdom, Greece, North Korea and New Zealand.

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HDDVD183580d ago

I expect the game to do 1.5m in europe at launch

HDDVD183580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

halo 3 sold 4000 units at launch in Poland
so u can imagine how big kz2 is in europe/pal

360 man3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Damn HDDVD18 you need to calm down man

jus chill

we get it killzone 2 is sellin well

jus relax and actually enjoy the game

Shane Kim3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

I am actually going to agree with 360 man, enjoy the game you lucky bastard. I have to wait until end of march since my PS3 is at my cousin.

HDDVD183580d ago

why are u posting here
oh wait
ur halo wars, race pro and even star ocean 4 all bombed
sucks to be you

why post here

JOLLY13580d ago

You do realize that you are arguing with nasin right? His mental issues are going to get you all confused, just stop trying with this kid.

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Hellsvacancy3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Most of the Poles are here in the Uk and many of the ones i work with hav said that they are goin to buy Killzone 2

Polands a ghost town so 30K is a big deal i guess most of the women must hav bought it lol

HDDVD183580d ago

poland has around 70k ps3 owners
so a 50% attach rate in 2 days

this is i believe the most sold ps3 game at launch

marcindpol3580d ago

i am polish, just LoL for your stupid post!

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