Ve3tro: Killzone 2 Review

Following the now infamous E3 trailer the hype for Guerrilla Games' Killzone 2 has been off the charts. With so much hype surrounding any title it's difficult to live up to expectations. While the single player does have its share of problems especially during the first half of the game, Killzone 2 is one of the top notch experiences on the Playstation 3. Throw in the addictive multiplayer which will have PSN gamers hopping onto the service for months to come and it's a sure fire bet that Guerilla, Sony, and the PS3 all have a hit on their hands.

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Jerk1203550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )


What was that, Jack? Flop, flop, flop? Oh, I agree! Flop, flop!

topgeareasy3550d ago

halo wars 6.5 what (FOTY)

rucky3550d ago

Yeah cause judging by the site's layout of course ve3tro isn't a 360 fansite at all.

Let's take a look at the reviewer's history shall we?

And oh yeah according to them...
Multiplayer ?/10: Coming soon…
Overall Score (Not Final): 8.5/10 Outstanding

Admit it even xbots can't bring the game down no matter how obnoxiously biased they are.

Lookbehind3550d ago

That's the sound off jack's balls on Sleipner's chin lol.

user94220773550d ago

Please go play Tears of War 2 and Galo 3

electricgta3550d ago

lol i didn't bother reading the review but this game beats all other games i've ever speechless about how good the MP is!! lmapo u shudda seen how epic the battle was yestaurday, corinth river map HG spawn base all my team mates there + all of the enemy and it was fcking mayhem! ( tiny bit of screen lag when all 16 came out some there was like 10 grenades there :D ) not much though IT WAS FCKING EPIC!
the mp is by far the best, better then cod 4 and gears, halo n sht

Agent VX3550d ago

Now that all the biased "Playstation" rags have come out and gave KZ2 perfect scores, more non biased review sites are hammering down on KZ2 much harder than I expected.

KZ2 might lose it's AAA ranking, and it is quickly sinking in score, and is now at 91% at MC.

I played the demo, looks fantastic, played quite good but the aiming sucks and is very annoying. All in all, a pretty solid package, but not enough to overtake COD 4.

callahan093550d ago

The aiming is good, you're just not good at it. There's no aiming assist in this game. Also, the weapons and your character have weight. You can't swing your weapon around like it's a pencil in this game. Also, momentum exists. Movement starts out slow, then gets a little faster as you build up momentum. If you're not used to a more realistic aiming mechanic, then that's your problem, not the game's.

HDDVD183550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

firstly u dont own a ps3
and u never played kz2

kz2 is better than all games on your real console.
also the controls are awesome too

kz2 needs just another 95 to reach 92 again at meta
the last 5 scores of kz2 are 100,100, 93, 91, and 96

giant bomb gave it a pef score and so did gameshark.

also vetro gaming isnt counted at meta

btw can someone remove his last remaining bubble

Bubble Buddy3550d ago

People are so spoiled by auto-aiming... K2's controls are just fine.

m-s-8-23550d ago

Nah, they really aren't fine. Clumsy is the word id use to describe it.

OOG3550d ago

Actually the aiming in the game is quite horrid... but after a while it you just ignore it and the game is fun

Hububla3550d ago

Why is the aiming horid? because you have no skill and expect the game to auto aim on the enemies head every time you click zoom in? sorry but in this game you actually gotta take ur time and aim and god forbid have a little skill! but thats ok you can go back to playing COD4 and Halo if you prefer.. just one less whiny b!tch to put up with on the mic!

OOG3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

How about this I have played 14 warzones and have been #1 in about 10 of them... no skill?? yeah hardly... I was a medic rank in 7 games... and I already have 4 medals all in 14 games.... so I dont need you to try to question my so called no skill when I prob have better stats then you fool.... doesnt change the fact that the game handles really bad

So next time think b4 you speak because im not here saying that im getting killed...because im killing people easily... im just saying the controls are bad... which they are....

And now im goona go back to playing some Killzone... because like I said it still is fun to play.......

rockleex3550d ago

It was heaven! ^_^

I don't even notice the aiming weight/momentum anymore.

Trust me, you're going to feel so accomplished when you have learned how to aim in that game. Every kill gives you ten times more satisfaction than in Call of Duty! ^_^

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darx3550d ago

is he taking off points for the worst controls ever implemented into a FPS ever?

lalapin08103550d ago

lol , maybe ve3tro didn't get the review code .

Jerk1203550d ago

They did.

They're just being honest.

Ve3tro3550d ago

Look at pages of the last few weeks on Killzone 2, we did exclusive game-play from the final build.

RandalCG3550d ago

Yeah. this site is full of sh!t. Exclusive gameplay from the build my ass. Everyone had gameplay footage. Isn't so hard to steal it and smack your own logo. FAIL

RandalCG3550d ago

Also another reason this loser is lieng because everyone who got the review code posted their sh!t WAY earlier. And they got it months ago. Anyone who lies pisses me the fu!k off. This site should be burned

Tinman13550d ago

Agreed. This site and the review are both jokes. It isn't April yet! Only March :).

Ve3tro3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Oh by the way guys, maybe next time you should be anonymous before posting. We can both see your contributors to Whatifgaming.

So your comments are basically discarded due to that, grow up and stop being so immature.

HDgamer3550d ago

Calling other people immature is also contradictory of what you say. It's their opinion, leave it at that.

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