So Which Console Is Buttering Activision's Bread?

Kotaku: "Yup, more fun numbers from Activision's annual report, released earlier today. In this case, we see which console (or consoles) are buttering Activision's bread. As far as Activision go on the console side of things, you can see the Wii out in front, closely followed by the 360, with both Sony consoles bringing up the rear. Interestingly, like we've seen from many other publishers lately, they're not breaking handheld sales down into DS v PSP "

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InfectedDK3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

So PlayStation is their biggest revenue in consoles, (PS2, PS3, PSP combined).
- Strongly followed by Nintendo (Wii & DS).
- Microsoft last, (Xbox, Xbox360).

Gam713550d ago

I'd still give it to ninty as I can't imagine Activision make that much from psp sales.

I can't remember the last time I seen a psp game in the top ten outside of Japan but the ds is always there worldwide so the majority would come from DS sales.

InfectedDK3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Hm you may be right.
But still interesting its that close between Nintendo and Sony.

Gam713550d ago

It is.

For some reason I would have Wii higher and ps2 lower so impressed with ps2.

caffman3550d ago

microsoft on top (xbox, xbox 360,PC). Not really true but why get in the way of a good spinning top eh?

Kushan3550d ago

I think it's more interesting that the PS2 brought in more revenue than the PS3. Like a stubborn little turd, it just wont flush away, but considering there's what, 5 or 6 times as many PS2's out there than PS3's, I'd say the PS3 is growing pretty well.

InfectedDK3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Its no spin.
Yes the they earn most money on the WoW players.
But still in consoles their biggest revenues has been on the Playstation and Nintendo consoles. All you people disagreeing with those facts must be Xbox360 owners wanting to spin this I guess. What more can I say? Theres no spinning here, only facts and yes they earn big money on Microsoft with WoW.

Real Gambler3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

When Activision sell one game for any console, the console maker gets a cut. But when they sell a game for a PC, whoever made the operating system is not getting a penny...

Kushan3550d ago

InfectedDK, you're the one spinning this. You've grouped THREE different consoles into one balloon term. That doesn't prove anything other than you have the capability to add numbers together. One a per-console basis, the 360 outsold the PS3 and maybe that's too hard for you to digest but the numbers are there in black and white. What you could have done is work out how many millions were made for every 1million 360's out there and then done the same for the PS3, maybe than you'd have a better figure to work with (i.e. more PS3 owners are buying activision games than 360 owners are), I haven't bothered to do that (so it may or may not be the case) because it's pointless and just spin, but the point is you're just being silly - both consoles made them a LOT of money, there's no reason to get on the defensive about it.

callahan093550d ago

World of Warcraft runs on Apple OS as well as Windows, and Microsoft doesn't make a dime from software sold that runs on Windows (they charge no licensing fee, but 360 games do channel revenues to Microsoft through licensing fees). So, it's fallacious to suggest that PC-based sales belong in the column of Microsoft.

InfectedDK3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

The only reason for me grouping it like that is because the article is up to it. There is NO spinning in my words at all. Yes their revenue has been big on the 360 as well, I can see that. What I think is interesting is that their revenue is so great on the Playstation consoles which I wouldnt have guessed. I would have though it was bigger on the Xbox360 over PS2, PS3, PSP but I guess the PS2 still does very very good and still adds up for Sony And I believe it was worth mentioning. Thats all =)

Kushan3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Fuk it, lets get on the spin train, people!

Ok so I got out the ol' calc.exe and did some quick maths to see what kinds of spin we can put on this data (Since apparently Spin == cold, hard fact).

For a start, lets do what I suggested above and compare the number of PS3's per million dollars made to the number of 360's to million dollars made.

Now, I'm going to have to use some approximations here since it's impossible to tell exactly how many of each console is out there, but I'm going to keep it simple and assume there's 20million PS3's out there to 30million 360's.

So, the 360 brought in 361m in revenue, over 30 consoles that's about 12.03million for every million consoles.

The PS3 brought in 241m, but with only 20million consoles, that works out to be about 12.05m in revenue. It might only be slight, but there's DEFINITIVE proof that the PS3 is selling better than the 360!

...or is it?

Since our dear friend wants to lump the consoles together, lets combine PS2 and PS3 sales against 360 and Xbox1 sales.

Now I have no idea how many PS2's there are out there, I know it's sold way more than 100million consoles, but without a number and since I'm lazy, lets just call it a cool 100million. Combine that with the PS3 and we have a shared revenue of 525million over 120million consoles, or about 4.375million for every million consoles.

The Xbox and 360, on the other hand, have combined revenue of 362million across about 55million consoles (30million 360's and about 25million original xboxes, according to MS themselves). That gives them an intake of 6.581million for every million consoles out there.

Conclusion? Xbox is a superior console BRAND than Playstation. But er..we just proved that playstation is better? So how can this be? It doesn't make sense! My head has asploded :(

If anyone else can come up with some tedious way to twist these figures to their liking, by all means give it a go!

Real Gambler3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Bottom line is simple:

Activision made 51 games for the 360 which did bring in 361 millions. Average: 7 millions per game being generated.

The made 27 games for the PS3 which bring in 241 millions dollars. Average: 9 millions per game being generated.

Most of the 27 games made for the PS3 were also made for the 360, so cost of development was shared between both, meaning they also saved a load of money by doing the game for both platforms. On the other end, they made 24 games for the 360 ONLY. Do you know how much they had to spend to make those 24 unique games, and yet, overall, they make less per games sold...

So let see... If they want to make 10 next-gen games next year, and they get 2 millions more for each PS3 games they sold, why would they bother with 360 games? The tide may simply turn and they may decide to make exclusives for the PS3 since they do generate more money per games!

caffman3550d ago

whenever these figures come out, a lot of sony fans start bundling the PS2 and PS3 together. Sony stopped doing that after the first PS3 SKU!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

PSP and DS arn't consoles, they are "handheld" and why didn't you include PC with MS?

"PC is not Microsoft" then name a PC where you can play these games without seeing a "Windows" logo before booting up. You can not play any PC game without Windows, unless it's released on Linux and MAC. But buy the PC versions, I'm sure you can stick it to MS by going PC. (((Dunce)))

you fail

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Elven63550d ago

Hunh???? The original Xbox is still bringing in revenue for Activision, with what?!?!? DLC, XBLA???

Kushan3550d ago

Xbox originals, maybe?

Silellak3550d ago

This is why the 360 isn't going to "die" anytime soon. As long as 3rd party publishers see numbers like this coming in, they have no reason to stop making games for the console.

And, believe it or not, there are many AAA games that are *not* exclusives. I could be quite content with just the 360's multiplatform games alone.

BIGELLOW3550d ago gaming console is going to "die" this round. They are all strong in their own ways and the gaming market as a whole is growing. So, there's room for three strong players, and that's exactly what we've got. In the blogging community, there tend to be a lot of emotionally unstable bloggers. So, whomever is in second or third place is automatically assumed to "DIE" or "CHOKE", even if it really isn't the case.

N4Garbage3550d ago

World of Warcraft is most likely that whole 1.5billion$

That game deserves respect man.... I can seriously say that there is no game that can match the success and heights of people playing and paying investing countless hours of there lives.

No MMO will ever top World of Warcraft the revenue it brings in for ActiBlizz and the revenue it makes for chinese farmers lol.

It is a great success.

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