Vooks Preview: Little King's Story Hands On Impressions

Vooks: "Sketchy, chalky art welcomes you to the world and introduces you to 'the boy'. He's playing with finger puppets, all on his own because he doesn't have many (any) friends. Some rats run past him and outside. 'Hey, come back!' he exclaims. Running after them he finds a crown inside a great big rock. The rock explodes and he puts the crown on. Howser the bull-knight rides up on his mighty bovine steed, kicking up dust and making an awful racket, and the story takes off from there.

Your initial kingdom is pretty tiny. The grand castle you were promised turns out to be a shack. It does have a flag on top though. You meet your advisors first off. Howser, who tells you what to do, Liam, your 'Anything advisor' and Verde, who acts a save point. Liam is your tutorials man. You don't ever have to take his advice if you don't want, but if you're stuck on how to do something ask him a question and you'll be treated to a chalk-board picture-by-picture explanation – just like at school! Your throne becomes your main interface before long - you can order new buildings, get reports on your kingdom, get quests, buy upgrades, all sorts of things.:

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