10 ways to make Chrome as good as Firefox

The Google Chrome browser is designed to be lightweight in comparison to what it perceives are bloated offerings from Microsoft and Mozilla among others.

For some, however, it's too lightweight.

So if you've put off switching due to Chrome lacking key features that you've come to rely on in other web browsers, then read on to discover 10 easy ways you can plug the functionality gap.

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kharma453460d ago

Ditch it and just use Firefox in the first place.

Leio3460d ago

Yeah only one way haha

y0haN3460d ago

1. Use it to download Firefox.
2. Use Firefox.

BIGELLOW3459d ago

...that this article doesn't mention the support of Greasemonkey in Chrome, which is critical for ad-blocking.

Halochampian3459d ago

I use Chrome except for certain pages that it doesnt support.

RebornSpy3459d ago

but I'm so used to Firefox that I don't really use it. One day I'll probably switch, though. It's just a matter of time.