A Baseball Classic Hits iPhone

GameStooge previews EWB Baseball for the iPhone, based on the classic game Earl Weaver Baseball.

Excerpt: "For those of you who owned an Amiga - or even an MS-DOS PC - Eddie Dombrower and Dan Daglow's Earl Weaver Baseball was and is the best baseball game ever made. Even now, no baseball game matches its physics model and player AI. Yes, there were some obvious glitches, such as the pitcher attempting to field balls rather than cover first, but no other game mentally captured the realism of baseball. Its graphics are primitive now, but even playing I Got It Baseball (igiBall), which is Weaver without pizzazz, one can see how stunning the simulation is. No game ever had its customization before - making stadiums was a pleasure, and allowed for off-the-wall parks, such as a tiny park with 50 foot walls. The player editor had me buying the Elias Analyst for its split stats for when I wanted to make my own season disks.

Well, fans of the game can rejoice - Dombrower is bringing it back, to the iPhone, as EWB Baseball."

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