Dungeons And Dragons Online Celebrates Third Birthday

When covering MMO's, the media tends to focus on the huge successes (World of Warcraft) or the notorious failures (Tabula Rasa). Between these two extremes, though, are many MMO's that are going strong despite journalists' neglect. One of them is Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, which is celebrating its third birthday.

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Snoozer2823549d ago

There were some really nice touches in D&D:Online. Happy Birthday.

Teek_153549d ago

i love this game. personally i find it more fun than WoW, mostly cause of its emphasis on instance dungeons, and teamwork.

EvilCackle3549d ago

The game does sound good on paper. It's just tough getting people to switch MMO's when they've put so much effort into building up their characters.