Dead Rising Comparison Video HD

360 vs. Wii. 720p vs. 480i. Ferrari vs. Ford Taurus?

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ape0073549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

as I said the main problem with wii is graphics,graphics are important

if wii was graphically on par with 360,then dead rising on that wii will be MUCH better hands down cause of motion controles



you can build a whole new experience with high tech(and the right team off course,TECH WITHOUT SKILL MEANS NOTHING)

look how amazing killzone 2 PLAYS

ape0073548d ago

reply please,show me why im wrong

kunit22c3548d ago

im the nlyne actually suprised by how close it actually is.. i actually dont see that huge of differnence, sorry, and to that one guy who laughed at this? um hows it funny that the graphics are whorse? pretty sad that you find that funyn just saying, and yes we all know that the 360 can massively own the Wii in graphics but considering this was a 360 exclusive is pretty bad because i dont see the Wii version being much differnce once you put aside those little details missing.

crck3548d ago

Those little details like 4x as many zombies? Let's not forget the original Dead Rising is 2 and a half years old now. But I can definitely see the difference between HD and SD even on a 4 inch screen. For all those people claiming they can't tell the difference on a flat screen I call bull.

Rock Bottom3548d ago

Graphic isn't more important than gameplay, but when you have less than half the number of zombies on screen in the Wii version than there are on the 360, in a game about fighting zombies, than the graphic have [email protected]#$ed up the gameplay.

Which is, of course, not good for gameplay. :P

Bnet3433548d ago

lol @ the end. Wii version can only lawn mower 1 zombie. But yeah the Wii version is like RE4 it seems. In Dead Rising for 360, you don't have dogs and parrots attack you and there is no shotgun.

NMC20073548d ago

There is a shotgun in 360 Dead Rising, you get it from the gunstore, you gotta fight a boss but it's there.

ChickeyCantor3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I hope you realise the biggest problem is the ENGINE not the Wii so much.

There are PS2 games pushing more enemies on screen because the Engine for that game allows it.( and PS2 is a weaker system than the Wii).

RE:4 engine is not designed for hyve systems it seems.

" look how amazing killzone 2 PLAYS "
Thats a subjective matter, cause i wasn't impressed that much.
Better hardware does NOT mean better games. If you don't make use of it, what is the point?
Capcom just needed to build a new engine from ground up and not an engine that was made for few zombies on screen to begin with.

IaMs123548d ago

Once again Killzone2.... Your not persuading anybody into buying the freaking game this way. In fact, your making me sick of it, where i am losing interest..

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crck3548d ago

Yeah that cracked me up when the dude had to hunt down a zombie to run over with the lawnmower in the Wii version.

Lucas253549d ago

why hasn't capcom made Dead Rising for the ps3 yet.

Bnet3433548d ago

I don't think they need to.

Carbide73549d ago

Okay, now what was the point of this comparison, seriously? To show us the difference between the graphics? Wow. Like we didn't know.
Make dead rising on the ps3 and don't try to dumb it down in order to make it similar to other versions.

ThePlaystationFour3548d ago

The Wii version of Dead Rising seems annoying to play.

LittleBigSackBoy3548d ago

yeah... doesn't look like the best use of motion controls

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