GamingFront.nets Top 20 Next-Gen Games (10-1)

These are the Top 10 Next-Gen Games. While some may debate their place in the rankings, no one should be able to debate their worthiness of being in ranks of the top 10 next-gen games.

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criticalzero3548d ago

Ok..first thing's first..I'm an avid PS fanboy...

But Killzone 2 is def not the best game this gen..not yet at least.

The list should be on what impact it has made along with the hype and importance.

According to me

1. COD4
2. Gears of War
3. Killzone 2
4. Little Big Planet

Yes, I put Gears ahead of LBP and KZ2..Only because it is a much more important game this gen. Just imagine what would happen without the game. the 360 is what it is only because of that. Screw Halo3.
Killzone 2 and LBP although better games haven't had the same impact as Gears.

Murilo3548d ago

mine would be:

1)Metal Gear Solid 4
2)Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
3)Call of Duty 4
5)Heavenly Sword (short, but beautiful)

criticalzero3548d ago

Like I said, it's not my personal choice of games....That is why I didn't put uncharted. That is my fav current gen game. However, it lacks popularity when considered to Gears and Killzone and COD

Sangria3548d ago

It seems i really don't like the second best game of this generation...
It actually sounds like commercial choices, some games shouldn't be in that top 10.