Microsoft's Child 'I'm a PC' Ads Only Works With Little Girls Apparently

The first two I'm a PC ads from Microsoft used little girls, and were super super cute. This latest one? Not so much. Nothing against little boys, but nobody likes them using a computer.

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Theoneneo813549d ago

These whole pc ads just fail in general.

NMC20073548d ago

I never really paid them any attention but why is this news?

HardcoreGamer3548d ago

i thought it made way way way more sense than the mac advert. it actually made perfect sense where as mac was making a point. its more true that most people use a pc in their lives. and thats not braggin thats gettin back at apple

Godmars2903548d ago

Most people use a PC - use Windows - because they have no choice. Never bother to explore other options like the MAC or Linux, which is also on a PC.

The last of which I find is an ironic example of MS's business mentality. That they have to focus on another product - PCs - to sell their own.

AuToFiRE3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Micorsoft doesnt know how to make a commercial, kind of like how they dont know how to make an operating system. now, look at a Linux commercial, see the difference here?

Sitdown3548d ago

"Most people use a PC - use Windows - because they have no choice. Never bother to explore other options like the MAC or Linux, which is also on a PC.."

Sooooooooooo, if they "never bother to explore other options"...doesn't that mean that they do have a choice, they just choose not explore them?

somekindofmike3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

@ HardcoreGamer

This PC ads alright, it's simple to understand, 'I'm 8 and even I know what i'm doing' simple as, however It's stupid to say 'I'm a PC' because an Apple Mac is also a PC... what they are trying to sell is Windows Vista, but the word 'Vista' now has bad connotations amongst Microsoft and the consumer, and have you noticed Microsoft seem to avoid using the word Vista within there ads these days.

with regards to what else you have said, there are a lot of people who do see Apple Macs as a fashion accessory and it's quite silly really. Apple Macs have a lot of advantages over PC's and many disadvantages too, everyone should just make a choice depending on there own needs, simple as.

I currently use a Mac for work, but it's completely covered in stickers etc to make so you can't see the apple logo, I did this particularly to stop me from looking like a poser when I'm using it on a train or in public etc.

somekindofmike3548d ago

@ AutoFire

That Linux ad personally does nothing to me other than make me yawn, it does nothing to convince me to convert to Linux, and if I didn't know what Linux was I'd be totally confused, and lets face it, a large portion of PC users are completely unaware that Linux exists!

Now I'm not bashing Linux, I don't think that advert is as good as the 'I'm a PC ad and it's Easy'

Godmars2903548d ago


Windows has gotten by for so long by being "good enough" for most people, and by MS limiting - stifling - other options.

I use XP but between Vista and W7, just because neither actually improve anything, that one is being put out simply to fix the other, I'm taking a serious look at Linux. I'm the casual user who's fault it is that MS is where they are today now finally questioning that position, not someone like you or Hardcoregamer who's long accepted it along with their mistakes.

uxo223548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Just like love, Pwned, and all the other catch words being used these days. "Fail" is also getting too much air play.

First off the commercial is just trying to say "Unlike the story apple is trying to get you to believe, the PCs can be used for more that just spread sheets, and not only that they are simple enough to use that a child can use them." Some how they are not cute or funny so they fail?

To say this commercial fail is just ignorant, which is probably why you didn't get it to start with.(your own ignorance) Just because something doesn't make you laugh it wasn't effective? That should only be effective if it was intended to make you laugh. As for the person that thinks when it's a little girl it's cute and when it's a little boy it's not, because "no one like to see a little boy using a computer." That is just retarded and irresponsible.

Another thing that makes the little girl commercials appear to be cuter is their age and their cute little untrained voice (barely able to pronounce some words.) had those been shot by 3-4 year old little boys, they would have been just as cute. (It has nothing to do with it being a little girl.)

I'm quite amazed in how some things are interpreted by different people. Some things you say, "Okay I can see how they see it that way." , other things you say "WOW, how they hell did they come up with that from when they just saw.".

Either way, if anything "Fail" it's the article, apparently it written by an silly teenager with no kids and no responsibility.

@six.. below Pretty bold statement, sounds like you know everything and for those that don't know or disagree they are just wrong. I am an IT manager and I use bother linux and windows on a daily basis. Each has it place. The only thing I would say linux (my opinion) does better than windows is STABILITY. The only thing I use linux for at work is Web and files servers. It does great job at that and so does my windows based servers. Viruses and things like that are more prevelant on windows machines because they are more popular. It would be really interesting to see how MAC and Linux would compare if they were equally as popular and had they same number of MORONS creating viruses and malware on them. It would be interesting to see how quickly your "open source" programmers would fine the patch to overt the virus the just came out and was eating away at your system. You're probably using a windows based computer right now or at least have one in your house.

As for the mac, I use to own one. Nice machine but not my cup of tea. Perhaps it's because I am surrounded by windows machines at work and couldn't fine the desire to migrate my daily use over to mac. I used my mac for photo processing and video, although it did it better than my windows machine, it wasn't that much better to warrant me keeping my MAC so I sold it. It was a good decision.

yamamoto1143548d ago

Oh c'mon. They used freakin' VERDI. How can you not love an advertisement with Verdi in it.

AuToFiRE3547d ago

its not about switching to linux, its not trying to make you use it, thats why, its telling you why open source is better (hence the link since linux is community maintained and all advertisement is done by people who want to spread the word, nothing more

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-SIXAXIS-3548d ago

That is just really sad. Everybody knows that Macs are for video, photo, and audio editing. IMO Windows is good for nothing anymore because we have open source operating systems like Linux and great alternatives like Mac that can do everything better.

y0haN3548d ago

And there's so much gaming going on the Macs and Linux.

ChickeyCantor3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

No the sad part is that you can't tell the difference between HARDWARE and SOFTWARE.

Windows can also be run on MAC hardware nowa days so it doesn't matter. As long the Software is written clean there is no problem.

MAC-OSX =/= MAC-hardware.

Honestly I dont like the interface of OSX, and people say they don't have their flaws. But i disagree really bad. So MAC doing things better is subjective. Linux can't run native software from MAC or Windows. Unless you use WINE, but running CS4 completely on wine won't happen untill some years passed this one.

somekindofmike3548d ago

@ sidar

As a mac user I see OS X as the lesser of evils compared to windows, they both have there faults, but have less problems with OS X, I would never try and claim that OS X is flawless though, but I understand what you're saying, Apple have this bizarre following of consumers who worship everything they produce. Those are the people who claim it's flawless.

Godmars2903548d ago

No, the sad part is that MS doesn't want people to know the difference between hardware and software. Between different brands of software so long as its THEIR software.

ThatOneGuyThere3548d ago

everyone knows that macs ARE pcs theyre just under powered and over priced.

somekindofmike3547d ago

@ ThatOneGuyThere

I won't disagree with you that Macs cost more than a PC of the same spec, but with a Mac you're basically paying for the right to use OS X which is what I really care about as a Mac user.

As for under powered I would disagree, My 3 year old MacBook Pro with a £10 RAM upgrade still preforms significantly well using software such as Adobe Creative Suite 4 & Final Cut Pro (without once being reformatted might I add) which is what's important to most Mac users, they just aren't optimised for gaming which is why a Mac is not for everyone.

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markfrost3548d ago

Microsoft is trying to market to the chubby grade school kids. Wait, isn't that their only demographic?

xlx-russ_923548d ago

Pedo's probably like this commercial.

ChickeyCantor3548d ago

The whole point is that even kids can work with it, "its that easy"...XD bringing up a "pedo" image tells more about you than MS XD.

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