Do You Need Halo 3's Newest Maps?

Unless you want to wait until later on in the spring to download the Mythic map pack for 800 Microsoft Points, be prepared to shell out 80 greenbacks for a game you might not even want (GamesRadar can already see confused folks trying to return their copy of Halo Wars and asking where the hell Master Chief was). So the real question is, is it worth it? GamesRadar has played through all three new maps included in the Mythic map pack and reveal the good, bad and the ugly.

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Arsenic133550d ago

I dont play Halo online anymore so idk.

Bnet3433550d ago

It's a nice game. I stopped playing for half a year and went back and got hooked. There is so much to do, I love it. I already bought Halo Wars CE sp I got these for free.

STICKzophrenic3550d ago

You don't get them for free. The Most LEs are $69.99, whereas Halo Wars LE is $79.99 because it has the $10 map pack included.

I have Halo Wars LE pre-ordered and can't wait to mess around on Sandbox. I probably won't touch the Mythic Maps until I beat Halo Wars' campaign and mess around in Skirmish, but I'm anticipating the maps.

Shepherd 2143549d ago

of course i need the new maps, the map Sandbox sounds like its worth the $10 price alone

DoctorXpro3550d ago

I a Halo fan so Im gonna buy, next month its gonna be Halo 3 new maps and RE5 I bet for ps3 users its gonna be only Killzone 2, I will wait for ps3 price cut and buy one. : )

dericb113550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

What happen to RE5 on PS3? Its still coming out for the PS3 you know. And $80 for 3 Maps is insane. The reason I say it is insane, is because you didn't say a word about playing Halo Wars which means you are going to blow $80 for a set of maps most people will not own. In Killzone 2 defense its $20 cheaper and everyone who buys it can play together. Same goes for RE5. Sorry I said so much but truth is that if your comment is going to make sense write it with some purpose behind it.

Greysturm3550d ago

Re5 is multiplatform right?

In order to educate my fellow gamers that have a hard grasp on this:

360 PS3
DlC+Re5 < Game+Re5

Eiffel3550d ago

Do I need a drink RIGHT now? No

Will I sometime at my choosing..of course.

Tony P3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I rather liked the review of the maps. She knows her Halo multiplayer, apparently.

Would I buy Halo Wars just for the maps? Unlikely.

And yet Halo 3 still has one of the deepest, fully functional multiplayers I've ever seen on console so I can see the attraction.

PtRoLLFacE3550d ago

i ll just wait for halo odst, is going to have every maps for like 30 or 20 bucks or what ever the game is going to cost so there no rush

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