Why PlayStation Home for PS3 is a genius idea

Stuart Dredge of writes...

"Sony's new PlayStation Home virtual world won't address the issues that have resulted in pretty-much constant flak for its PS3 console in the last year. Criticisms of the console's pricing and games line-up are both still valid, not to mention lingering resentment over the PS3's delayed launch in Europe.

And yet... PlayStation Home is a masterstroke. I don't know how much it'll boost actual PS3 sales, but it's the first time a console manufacturer has truly grappled with the implications and opportunities offered by Web 2.0 and virtual reality. Microsoft's Xbox Live has been groundbreaking, but is games-focused, while Nintendo's Mii avatars are (for now at least) just a step in the direction of social networking."

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Sphinx4271d ago

I am just concerned about the longevity of it. I really wonder how fun it'll be, and for how long will it be fun. I am just speaking from my point of view... I am married, I own my own home, I go to work everyday, I also go to class three times a week... I have no need for a virtual apartment, and a virtual life, mine is busy enough. When I was younger, 18,19,20ish, and I lived in the barracks on base, I would have killed for something like this. It does seem very exciting, but for someone that has to much to do already, I don't think this would really suit me as well as others.
I'm not trying to make fun of people who are excited about this, as I said, I would love this concept if I were still single, and didn't have control over the decorating and improving upon my own home.

techie4271d ago

Ok. Don't bother making your own home. Just go to others or speak with friends. Or look at it from a developers point of view. You can go to their game room and look at vids and try stuff out etc. I mean it can sell lots of games, and will help keep the service free. Magazines, companies etc can have flats where they can show off their products and news...

GamerMan4271d ago

I've been reading and reading about this ... part of me like cool and the other part of me... the one that doesn't like change .. well doesn't like it..

Personally just give me a list and let me game but this concept does have me intrigued especially being able to blast my music over the fake speakers in my room so others hear it...that seems cool. I guess it could also be used as a gathering room to get everyone together before jumping into a game. Which is what I used to do with gamespy until I started using another chat tool to make sure everyone was together before I started a direct IP game.

It's intersting and I look forward to see how it turns out and how the real world situation and community takes hold and uses this virtual world. Although bowling, playing billards, and other sandbox games within it seems like fun :)

OldSchoolGamer4271d ago

I like the inclusion of a couple mini games, but where are my games and online games? Combining the Wii and 360 online service is good, and makes sense, but where are my games? Article hit it right on the head, where are my games? Where are my online supported games? Have I made my point yet, home is nice, but where are my "real" games!?

kingboy4271d ago

how old is the ps3 again since launch?did u say 3 months?patience dude

jpod4271d ago

if other companies really get into this and use this as their advertising playground, it'll be a win-win situation. if you have clans and stuff, this would work out pretty good for it too.

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The story is too old to be commented.