TGR News Roundup: 360 beats out PS3, Street Fighter PC

The Xbox 360 tops the Wii and PS3, Street Fighter IV comes to another platform, and more news that you don't want to miss is right here on TGR.

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NeverforgetNES3553d ago

Street Fighter IV for PC will be sweet.

pswi603553d ago

"The Xbox 360 won the console war for at least a week in Japan, with hardware sales up to 25,344.

The 360 beat out all consoles for the week of February 16-22, including the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. PlayStation 3 sold 16,149 and the Wii sold 16,973 units. This being said it definitely stomped the console competition, but what about the handhelds? Well, the handhelds sold even more, but the 360 still took the win. The PSP sold 29,552 systems and the DSi sold 41,839 systems.

The 360 was helped in part to Square Enix’s new release Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope for Xbox 360, which sold 162,232 units during the week. But that doesn’t change the fact that the Xbox 360 did beat all the consoles and handhelds last week."

not much to brag about, but this is TVG, and they will take any good 360 news and spin the heck out of it. maybe with those numbers the 360 can finally pass 1 million in japan after 3+ years....

tehk1w13553d ago

I hope Street Fighter IV will have smooth online multiplayer

NeverforgetNES3553d ago

Me too, but can you imagine the destruction that could be had. PC gamers are so hardcore. ha

VirtualKatz3553d ago

Yeah I am not a fan of the new SF, but the news on the 360 isnt really surprising

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