GameSpot: New Play Control Pikmin Q&A

It's been nearly eight years since players were introduced to Pikmin on the GameCube. The unique game cast you in the role of stranded astronaut Captain Olimar. In the story, the unlucky spacefarer is marooned after his spaceship is knocked to bits by an asteroid. The game tasked you with rebuilding Olimar's ship and getting him off of the planet before his life support runs out. Olimar's only chance is to enslave the local plant population and force them to do his bidding, but in a cute way, considering that it was a Nintendo first-party game. The game offered a surprisingly cool and addictive experience that garnered a loyal fan base and a sequel.

Original fans, as well as the several million Wii owners who didn't try the Pikmin series on the GameCube, will soon be able to relive the adventure with the upcoming New Play Control editions of both Pikmin games, due next month on the Wii. GameSpot had the chance to talk to Shigefumi Hino, former project leader of the original Pikmin, about the upcoming games and their predecessors.

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