IGN: HAWX Competitive Multiplayer Hands-On

The one aspect that IGN has yet to touch on is the competitive multiplayer. While it is the lightest mode in terms of features, that doesn't mean that it isn't some of the most fun you'll have during your time with HAWX.

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kratos-i-am3548d ago

The demo of this game was a huge dissapointment! I was so hyped as I thought, from the trailers atleast, that it was from a First person perspective!

Guess I will continue to have to wait for a Flight Simulator/Free Space 2 modern fighter game.

allexx_23548d ago

Do u mean the c0ckpit view? You can play the game with the camera inside the c0ckpit and it looks like your actually flying the jet fighter. Forgot what button to press but yes it does simulate a first person view.