Loot Ninja Review: Street Fighter IV

Loot Ninja writes:

"Well, It's finally here everybody. The first true sequel in the Street Fighter series since 1997. I'm more than pleased to say that Street Fighter IV lives up to almost all the huge expectations that have been placed upon it in past months. Capcom had successfully whet our appetites with the outstanding Super Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix. They now stand poised to show us what a real current-gen fighting game is supposed to look and play like."

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taz80803574d ago

Some are calling this the best fighting game ever but I disagree.

A solid fighter but not the best ever.

taz80803574d ago

Controls on the PS3 version are much better.

360 Dpad is terrible.

greyishfox3574d ago

generally speaking i find the 360 controllers not to comfortable.

drunkpandas3574d ago

Whichever system you're playing on, it's better to use the MadCatz FightPad or even the FightStick, if you can afford it.

greyishfox3574d ago

Fighters tend to turn into a button mashing affair for me, so if this is a bit more precious then I doubt it will replace SFII in my heart.

drunkpandas3574d ago

Since the SF2/MK2 era, for me, a lot of fighting games have turned into button mashers. SF4 hearkens back to that era and I find myself doing moves that I know almost all of the time instead of just mashing buttons

Tryst3574d ago

Its an amazing game, and truly recommend this to anyone who is sat on the fence with this.