Kotaku Review: Killzone 2

In the PlayStation 3 exclusive Killzone 2, players take the fight to the red-eyed Helghast, invading their barren home planet of Helghan to try and capture the warmongering leader Emperor Scolar Visari.

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Cajun Chicken3550d ago

Well, I think this is a turning point folks.

iHEARTboobs3550d ago

Even Kotaku couldn't escape being Killzowned..

sonarus3550d ago

A great game is a great game no matter what

Masta_fro3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

i was excited, but now, given that kotaku actually liked the game, its like OMFG KILLZONE 2!!!

Danja3550d ago

well there you have it folks..Gamespot and Kotaku.....agrees..KZ2 >> excellent game....

Ace_Shooter3550d ago

and i agree with the rest of the reviews. cept the dumbassess at edge and whoever scored it lower than a 9. i got my copy today, only 1 hour into it unfortunately (because i had to go back to work) and i already love the game over all the other FPS's i've played and i played them all. This is by far the best and i haven't even touched multiplayer =O

PSN ID: Qbenbee310

N4g_null3550d ago

Man you guys are surprised at this? I know Kotaku gives SONY hell but they are the original PS3 fanboys also on the blog scene. They where the ones to first hype HOME and actually forced SONy's hand about it along with putting up some of the best previews for the PS3's games.

Of course they are going to be excited about this game it give you a reason to be happy owning a PS3 again. I'm sure they are thoroughly impressed graphics wise.... give it some time and you will see the boredom set in watch.... They are not really FPS players if you follow them.

Bathyj3550d ago

Of course they like it. They like everything PS3.

Its the fasct they ADMITTED it thats the amazing thing.

They're like a little boy, dipping a little girls pigtails in the ink well because they have a crush.

Do you kids still do that?

Traveler3550d ago

Wow, just got the game today and I absolute agree with all the positive reviews it has been getting.

Based on what I have played so far it is easily the best shooter I have ever played on consoles. Seriously, the multi-player is amazing and the campaign is absolutely outstanding as well.

I was a huge fan of COD4, but I must say that the atmosphere, gameplay, and production values of Killzone 2 surpass COD4. It is my new favorite shooter.

DominusRebellis3550d ago


I thought the same thing when I played K2 online last night. Call of Duty4 doesnt even compare to this. All I can say is that if CoDMW2 wants to match [email protected], they need to do a lot of work and I mean A LOT! In honesty, I'm so glad I traded my CoD4 for this game, such a rad deal

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s8anicslayer3550d ago

I guess Mr. Obama's presidential victory did make a change!lol..

chidori6663550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )


Lfmesquite3550d ago

takes you pretty damn close to the action sometimes, it has a mix of everything, duck and cover, shoot from far and my favorite is going in and unloading on someone at close range.

It's kinda strange and feels different than other shooters, but once I got comfortable with the gameplay I found myself shooting people from closer than in other shooters.

I put it in hard of course, so I was dying a lot at first.

Chubear3550d ago

actually, people are playing this on easy and getting pwned. The AI in this game can get vicious. This is certainly no cake walk.

PirateThom3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I'm getting pwned by a boss, I guess.

Bathyj3550d ago

I'm dying a bit on hard, os yeah, its hard.

Some sections you have to repeat a dozen times. Maybe I suck, but it doesnt get frustrating. Theres always a different tactic you can try and you'll make it through. You dont make cos of luck, it will simply take a different approach.

SupaPlaya3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

it's safe to say most people are playing it lol...

Don't forget to brush your teeth :P

Game On Brother!

TheHater3550d ago

I am taking a break. Played from 6PM yesterday to around 4AM this morning and started playing again around 9AM to 5PM. Need to charge my mic and order some food. Oh and take a shower also.

celldomceen13550d ago

good god thats a lot of gaming man. I wish i was still in college and could still do that lucky bastard!

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