Killzone 2 Video Guide: Cases and Helghan Symbols

There are 52 things for you to find in Killzone 2. That's 20 Intel cases and 32 shatterable symbols. Think you can find them all without GamesRadar's video guide?

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G-DOG3549d ago

How bout u freakin add Customizable button control scheme 4 the layout of the control. DAM U GG. I have lots of plp just on my list complaining bout that including me. 1 OF MY BUDDY ONLY HAS 1 ARM HIS LEFT & he disperatly needs that cus not only he needs 2 switch the controls 4 a lefty but move around some buttons 2 make it work 4 him. In conclusion he wont be playing wit me or at all cus its 2 dam hard 4 him. He went back 2 RESISTANCE cus it has that. Way 2 segrate every1 GG. IDIOTS. Also how bout u freaken add in game freinds invite so we can all meet in a room/lobby then go on 2 choose a game so we r all together. I cant believe a thing so important like this is missing but hey it does say in game invites in the back of the box. Thats misleading GG thank u 4 screwing that up. I had such a hard time trying 2 play with my friends. Yes i know u can click on ur friends & go 2 the game their at but what if its full or 10 or so of u r trying 2 get together. Sh*t u need to have 1 enter a game & hope that there is rrom 4 everyone 2 enter & then u might not even b on the same team. GG/SONY what the [email protected]*K ha. How hard is it to add this asap. PLEASE show support & hit agree if u do.

Yipee Bog3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

person is playing video games?!?!?! That's like a one legged football player. There is supposed to be Home support implemented into the game so I think that is where the lobbying and pre-game prep is supposed to take place. Really its not that big of a deal. If you really want to game with friends join their game. Personally I think this game does more than past games like the killzone website, lots to do there, and integrated online tournaments.

Le Idiotce3549d ago

Killzone 2 isnt the only game where you cant join friends room because its full. Never seen you complain in other games about this before.

And last time I checked, they allow you to adjust controls.