Killzone 2 patch 1.11 goes online

PS3-Sense writes "A new Killzone 2 patch version number 1.11 just hitted the PlayStation Network. Its still unknown what the patch fixes"

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SAiOSiN3552d ago

lol "just hitted"? FAIL

Dopee3552d ago

It's just a google translation... It's not going to be perfect

Parapraxis3552d ago

that doesn't make it any less awesomeness.

RedMist113552d ago

I went straight to the alternate source when I saw '', I suggest you do the same.

IdleLeeSiuLung3552d ago

I was going to post, WTF another patch? Day-1 patch now?

However, upon further inspection noticed that this is to stop people from artificially ranking higher. Props to GG for responding so fast!!!

No cheating people! I don't understand how people can feel good about themselves after not actually accomplished the rank. You aren't that good, you just fooled yourself into thinking you are! If at that....

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raerae283552d ago

Loaded the game and ummmm, there is no patch.

redsquad3552d ago

I've suddenly lost the ability to put bots in an online "Body Count" game, which I could do easily before the patch. Coincidence? If it is, I don't know what I'm doing wrong that I was doing right before.


Look here and you shall find the answer: No Cheating!

GVON3552d ago

as the halo owned said it's to disable online bots

redsquad3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Hardly. I only wanted to play the "Bodycount" mode, but everyone else was playing WARZONE so I had to set up my own game. I was only getting two or three 'real' players (if that!) so wanted to up the bodies on the ground.
Pity a legitimate attempt to make the game more intense and enjoyable for me has made me feel like some kind of criminal scumbag.

Nothing to do with "stats padding" - I'm still only a Sergeant and that's the least of my concerns: I'm playing this for the immediate experience, not what I can 'earn' along the way. If it was such a big problem the GG could have made "bot kills" not count for XP points, but to remove the option of them altogether seems a bit extreme.


Good for you. I believe you, but i was just saying.

redsquad3552d ago

If the SKIRMISH mode had let me select just the Bodycount game instead of having to play all the Warzone missions I'd be using that. Now I've got to set up my game and just wait for people to join.... bugger!

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edwineverready3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Today some people where easy to kill but others needed to much bullet's.
It was easier to kill people in the beta. anybody have a same experience? this patch might fix that. EDIT: i think this patch is to switch of bots online, because people are using them for stat padding.

mrkeith3552d ago

not yet able to download it in the U.S yet

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