1UP: Puzzle Quest: Galactrix PC Review

1UP writes:

"So while I'm excited about the changes to the formula for Galactrix, the downsides aren't sorted out nearly as well as I'd hoped, making this huge bundle of gameplay seem more like a chore than a boon. But if you can get past the flaws, Galactrix's battle system is even more delightful than Warlords', and the game is definitely way more ambitious. I can't ignore the problems, but overall, it's the type of game design risk I want to see rewarded. For those who have the patience and tolerance for repeated failure, congratulations -- you'll be able to enjoy one very deep and lengthy game. For everyone else, not all hope is lost -- taking Galactrix in short doses over time helps alleviate much of the frustration, though the dreadful load times on DS make the portable solution less than ideal. And, hey, I'm more excited now than I was before I laid hands on Galactrix to see some further refinement of the series -- if they make a third Puzzle Quest, that is (and I really hope they do)."

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