Halo Did It Once, It Can Do It Again

Ripten's John Landis talks about the influence of Halo on console FPS and why he thinks Halo Wars can do the same for RTS.

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Twizlex3577d ago

Interesting thoughts, but I don't think Halo Wars will do that well. Even if it controls well, I don't think there's a huge demand for RTS games these days.

Cookigaki3577d ago

Yeah, South Korea is obsessed with Starcraft.

Twizlex3577d ago

Yes, but those countries are not obsessed with the 360 or Halo, so that's a moot point.

Cookigaki3577d ago

Cookigaki did not think of that. Good point.

techie3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

I hear Halo Wars is just Command and Conquer reimagined. Red Alert 3 mastered console RTS.

thenickel3577d ago

No the controls are much better than [email protected] and red alert. Plus the halo war story seems to be good and feels more dedicated then retarded 2 and 3. HAlo1 was also written off as just normal at 1st until people actually played it and enjoyed the multi. Multi is where the game is going to shine and personally I can't wait for next week.

Bnet3433577d ago

C&C Red Alert 3 sucks. I played PC version and to me it was not good. I liked Tiberium Wars better but that's just me. Halo Wars was pretty basic, but that's what they were going for.

Snatcher3577d ago

You remind me of the character Ayla in the Chrono Trigger game.

XxZxX3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Microsoft can make the Korean eat and sleep HALO WAR, just hold a few tournament and show it on National TV with Huge prizes. The Korean pro will dig it and the audience might follow. But It will fail if Starcraft II come out this year, you see the Koreans abandon it, like it never came out.

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Zeus Lee3577d ago

Nope,Halo Wars isn't going to do it for the RTS genre.

Eiffel3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

We all know you're a closet fanboy. Your opinion means very little.

itchy183577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

how about the command and conquer: red alert on playstation 1? remember guys?

JOLLY13577d ago

that it was terrible. What was your point in that?

Bnet3433577d ago

lol hell no. I loved C&C on PS1. I remember making massive armies, it was fun back in the day.

WildArmed3577d ago

That was one heck of a game.
I still remember that.. the only RTS i ever touched and loved.
Haven't played such a fun RTS since :(

XxZxX3577d ago

C&C:RA lack depth. Starcraft bring the RTS to entire new level. That's why it still being loved till now. HALO Wars remind me of RA, it will still do good but not EPIC as Starcraft.

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Cajun Chicken3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

I'm sorry, Halo was great, don't get me wrong, Halo Combat: Evolved is one of the best games I played last gen and can't shake the excitement and story the game contained. But there was many a FPS on consoles before Halo, we just didn't have the online community until Halo 2 came out. Halo didn't redefine the FPS for console audiences at all, it changed the design of how a FPS is PLAYED.
After Halo, melee attacks became customary, everyone gave games some type of 'sticky grenade' and it popularised combat within vehicle sections and an arsenal of interesting weapons to be used in different ways.

Halo Wars will NOT do the same as the above, because its an RTS and it's not Bungie behind it, Master Chief nor Sarge are in it as far as I know.
There really isn't much to change in an RTS. All RTS virtually have the same rules and have done for ages, if there was something to change in RTS's a developer would of done it on PC.
It's a shame, because I think something a bit like Halo Wars that played like Cannon Fodder (Which is NOT an RTS) would of been great and just as much fun as Halo itself.

Halo Wars is nothing but a spin-off in the same universe which the Bungie Halo FPS series are known for, it's nice that it's been done, but it really doesn't need to. Many people will be confused where the Halo gameplay come in just because of buying the trusted Halo name.

thenickel3577d ago

Well at give it a chance. Ensemble is a great studio and for all we know they could have outdone the original Halo FPS. Don't let reviews put you in doubt because honestly these guy's probably don't like RTS games to begin with.

Dark_Vendetta3577d ago

Did anyone play the game? I love it, and it's probably because it's so simple. I'm not that much of a RTS fan but I got it for a fair price (55€), and ended up loving it.
I think a lot of people (not the regular gamers) think the RTS genre is far to complex. Ensemble made it simple and with the Halo name, it could actually sell to a big audience.
We'll see how it ends up

Panthers3577d ago

RTS is my favorite Genre, but most Americans do not feel the same way. On C&C 3, I am like one of the only Americans that play.

II Necroplasm II3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Well one of my long time good friends play almost nothing but RTS games, his room is filled up with nothing but StarCraft gear.

But we grew up here in North Carolina that might be why because it's Quite diverse here

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