Do Achievements and Trophies Enhance Your Gaming Experience?

The Xbox 360 has Achievements when it launched in 2005. The Playstation 3 added Trophies in 2008. Do these features enhance you gaming experience or are the unneeded?

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ape0073548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

it's really fun to have a place where your gaming accomplishments and rewards add up and advance with time,compare it with freinds and cannot be deleted

achievements\trophies are good

UnwanteDreamz3548d ago

They also give you another goal to work towards within a game, gives you 1 more reason to pop in the game once it is done. I might have sold GTA had it not been for trophies.

ape0073548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

im not a fanboy I love both systems and I wish the next gta to utilize blu-ray

but believe me,Im not lying,I got gta 4 on ps3 first,finished it and was bit disappointed then soon I bought it again on 360 to play TLAD,and the other 2nd expansion AND..................

360 version looks,runs,performs BETTER than ps3 version,the details,360 has better fram,rates,sharper\crisper graphics,better shadows,better AA and RUNS BETTER.ps3 version RUNS nearly crippled compare to it,just drive fast from island to another via the bridge in ps3 version,you'll almost threw up.blur,fuzz,ghosting

Rockstar really did a bad job with ps3 version,although sam houser's vision was to built it up on ps3 see this interview with houser that took place in 2005

Ign,gamepro said ps3 version was better cause R paid them,R knows that 90% of gta fans had em on ps2

believe me,go and play on 360 for a miniute

very,very poor job R,you should built it up on ps3.sad very sad

Party Boy3548d ago

You forgot about all the pop-in in the 360 version....

Zeus Lee3548d ago

But as of right now,they're both pointless.

PirateThom3548d ago

Yes. I like the sounds they make when they unlock. That makes me happy.

2 cents3548d ago

huge ps3 fan here but i must say achievements are better. Sony needs to show your stats next to your name like with the x360 gamerscore

vincentvegawchz3548d ago

IN my case (Trophies) add unique and fun gameplay and add replay value to games, i will get bored of games quick, but trophies give me an reason to keep playing them!!! I enjoy trophies as long as they are fun! Crackdown- AWESOME achievements, Perhaps the most fun, i have ever had getting them! ON the other hands there are ones like COD [email protected] , that are miserable, and ridiculous.. and make ruin the game, making it no fun... So, yes i love them if they are fun to get, or aren't so ridiculous hard they want you to pull ur hair out! I will never play another COD game for this reason, i bought COD WAW expecting to jump online and put MONTHES into trophies, to realize there were 3 online trophies that took me no more than 20 minutes! Highly dissapointed

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