GameStop scams Killzone 2 fans

A GameStop store sold Killzone 2 early and wouldn't give exchanges when people complained that the multiplayer didn't work. Instead, they offered to buy the games back so they could be resold on launch day at a greater profit to the store, assuming they knew ahead of time that the multiplayer wasn't going to work and they would get a lot of returns.

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Twizlex3581d ago

Just one more reason I hate GameStop.

Milk is for Babies3581d ago

Do you really think they're that greedy that they did this on purpose?

h0tz0rz3581d ago

Um, yes! Where have you been?

Twizlex3581d ago

Haha, well there's your answer.

Milk is for Babies3581d ago

The people have spoken. I stand corrected.

joydestroy3581d ago

yeah, Gamestop sucks. i've had so many bad experiences with them. i only get games i absolutely have to have on launch day from them. otherwise i steer clear.

most recent example of Gamestop being retarded assholes...
a friend of mine preordered his copy last night. after they completed his transaction, the employee then informs him that he has to come back at 10pm to get some receipt and then come back again at midnight if he wanted it that night. wtf!? why didn't the employee tell him that before he paid? such dikks. i absolutely hate giving my money to that company now.

ViceKingz3581d ago

yeah gamestop/eb is like my last resort. i dont buy from them because their games dont come sealed unless you ask for a copy from the backroom. otherwise they take an empty, wrinkled, scratched up, stickered case, and put a disc in and if youre lucky, a manual as well.

sonarus3581d ago

This is fake. Doesn't this guy have anything better to do than putting on his detective hat to investigate Killzone 2 like a kid.

Cookigaki3581d ago

Cookigaki's guess is no.

MAiKU3581d ago

People have better luck just sticking with a bestbuy to supply their own gaming needs. yeah yeah i know best buy isn't great, but it's def. better than a gamestop.

evrfighter3581d ago

If Best Buy had no problem using fake in-store websites that looked like their online pages but with higher prices. Than ya this is completely possible

Blaze9293581d ago

this whole story is bs. what dumbass TRADES IN a game that doesnt work for half what they paid in only what, 3 days? you exchange it which anyone would have waited the week for. 26 pre owned copies...really...REALLY?

Dont know if he's just trynna get hits for his "Killzone 2 the most traded in game this year" or just trying to bash gamestop/ebgames for no reason.

Pics from author or STFU. Not only is it already hard to believe but this even harder to believe a mega retailer like EB/Gamestop releases a game like this that early.

Besides, they wouldn't have even been able to trade killzone 2 in yet because i doubt it was in the used system. If they did sell it early all the sales and everything get sent to corporate at the end of the night and they would have came down hard on that store for breaking the street date.

MAiKU3581d ago

Oh i'm sorry, i didn't realize we were talking about gamestop's online website doing the midnight release. Because that would be ridiculous if it was the actual chain stores we're talking about.

ShadowRyuX3581d ago

I love GameStop now! It is all the customers fault, did they ever once think about why the multiplayer isn't working? I didn't think so. Now if the customers asked why this is the case and GameStop employees lied then that is a different story, but I am pretty sure GameStop wasn't going "Oh yeah they totally fudged the online multi and it will never ever work, now can we buy the game off you for $25?"

cryymoar3581d ago

everyone above me is an idiot.

First off, i work for gamestop and our store is nothing like this and so i don't appreciate your generalizations. People actually call US while they were shopping for things like audio systems or HDTVs because they appreciate our service more than places like walmart or best buy. I will agree a lot of gamestop stores are garbage, but since i work there, i take everyone's name calling personally.

secondly, the customer who's "disc didn't work", well, the servers weren't live on tTuesday, get on the internet and look up this stuff before you blame a corporation for your assumptions.
This has NOTHING to do with Gamestop being greedy or anything, they have to reserve everybody's copy, that's the point of pre-ordering. If this store only got just enough copies to cover the pre-order, then why make the person who hasn't picked up theirs wait for the second shipment when the first guy complaining just cant seem to wait one day after he picked it up, since the servers went up on Wednesday.

N2NOther3581d ago

If a game doesn't work Gamestop will exchange it for the same item. Period. I worked there and this is not a store by store basis. This is the RETURN POLICY printed on the receipt and on their monthly book for sales numbers and such.

If this guy couldn't return the game it's because he didn't have receipt because it's impossible for any Gamestop to sell a VERY advertised street dated game early. This isn't a case like Wal-mart where the goons don't know any better. This is a company that sticks, very strictly, to the laws of street dated material. So right there, the story reeks of BS.

I'd bet a large sum of money that every single copy of Killzone that was traded in was stolen from a local Wal-mart or Target. We would get stolen games on a daily basis...Both in upstate NY and Staten Island, plus I know people from the Jersey area who had the same type of things happening. It's entirely feasible, certainly more than this story, that the games were stolen from the shipment and then traded in at GS because everyone knows of their trade in policy.

The guy who wrote this a moron.

Spydiggity3581d ago

maybe the consumer should accept some responsibility. stop playing the victim. obviously if you buy a game before intended launch, you are running the risk of missing out on online features. cry about it.

so you buy the game, the multiplayer doesn't work, so you take it back? that makes no sense. you gonna buy it again when the game is officially online?

masterg3581d ago

What do people expect?
Playing the single player campaign and the return the game because the online servers haven't been turned on?

No store will exchange any software that has been used. They will only exchange it if it's not working. Which isn't the case here.

PS3istheshit3581d ago

that true
but i got killzone 2 and me and my friend played online and nothing was wrong with it
the online works perfectly fine
and the custom soundtrack is an awesome bonus

ps3d03581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

well thats what you get when you shop at gamestop

N2NOther Its a damn shame we cant use your idiotic post to report gamestop for traffic stoled goods.

edgeofblade3581d ago

Really, now. I don't know what irritates me more, KZ fanboys acting like die hard sports team fans, or the rampant conspiracy theories.

The appearance of wrongdoing doesn't equal wrongdoing. I'm sure you can think things through before over-reacting to everything... right?

N2NOther3580d ago

My "idiotic" post? You're the idiot that thinks it's not WIDELY known by the authorities that people trade in stolen goods. As long as the person doesn't admit it's stolen, there is NOTHING anyone can do about it. If someone trades in a stolen system, GS keeps track of all the serial #s. If the police come there they get the system back as evidence. Gamestop will NEVER be held accountable for people trading in stolen merchandise because that is part of pawn shop law.

But by all means, call MY post "idiotic", genius.

IdleLeeSiuLung3580d ago

I must admit I don't like GameStop, but I am surprised that lately most of the employees I meet there are cool people. However, every now and then you get the fat dude with an attitude!

Either way, this is not entirely possible and I don't think this story is made up. It is entirely conceivable that a manager would break the street date.... I don't see why anyone would make up a story like that even just to get hits.

N2NOther3580d ago

See, what you don't get is that it's not just the manager...It's all the employees and the district manager. Way too many people's jobs involved for it to be true.

kparks3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Wow this must be a joke or this derek guy is borderline retarded........ (QUOTE)"This isn't ALL GameStops, just this local store that I went to. I don't think that you can really hold the entire chain responsible for something like this, even though I'm not particularly fond of GameStop to start with" (END)....???? YEA UMMMM hold them responsible for what.. lol Hooking people up with a early copy of killzone im sorry i mean a tainted shipment of KZ2 copies that don't work. to help benefit that single store its a KZ2 conspiracy LMAO. WHAT A DUMB A$$ and he sold it back PRE-RELEASE for like half price WTF LOL.......pre-release easy $80 on the street this might be one of the worst article i ever wasted my time reading!!!!

TrueStoryGuy3580d ago

I enjoy how many people hate GameStop. Atleat I'm not the only one who didn't like them.

I, myself, preferred EB Games.

vhero3580d ago

sorry but people who took it back because multiplayer didn't work are retarded anyways and deserve what they get. I mean common sense tells you when you get a game like killzone before launch that the online servers won't be up.

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darkwing3581d ago

wait i thought Gamestop didn't release the game early

Twizlex3581d ago

I don't think ALL GameStops can be kept on a leash. You know there are rogue stores out there.

MAiKU3581d ago

Never buy from a company that supports drop outs and uneducated 30 year old men.

Dlacy13g3581d ago

This is the same writer that every PS3 Fanboy flamed him for his article about the "most returned game". Where is all the hate for him today?

Cookigaki3581d ago

Most PS3 fanboys are still in school.

Vault Boy3581d ago

Your comment made me laugh because it's like "you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't". This dude can't write something about Killzone 2 without being flamed hard for it unless it also contains the words "is the best game ever." N4G is so terrible with the fanboys.

sonarus3581d ago

Is it so hard to provide pics of 26 used copies of KZ2?

Twizlex3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Learn to read, he said there was only 2 left.

freeblue3581d ago

wasn't everyone in here disagreed with him yesterday about the fake story.. and now it's another "Could be" story in respond to the "could be" story of yesterday. now.. There are no new gaming news that we have to create one these days?

sonarus3581d ago

He isn't buying Killzone 2 so why is he interested in the game???? This guy is full of BS

JD_Shadow3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

..explaining these concepts to some of you is like explaining them to brick walls!

Maybe if he had said this the FIRST time he reported this story instead of trying to go flame baiting with the writing of the story, he wouldn't have had so many people call him out on how he reported the story. His original story did not mention that the Gamestop (which was, by the way, never mentioned BY NAME in the original article; it was only mentioned as a "game store", which could've meant ANY store) broke the street date or that any of these other issues were going on.

In other words, it painted the impression that people were returning the game because they didn't enjoy the experience the game was giving. It was only when the first update to the story was written that we knew that it could've been for another reason altogether (the "it didn't work" phrase only came up on his update, too). That was why everyone reported that other story.

Plus, this new story provides a glaring hole: the call itself. I got the call yesterday from the "Ashely" girl (who, by the way, is WAAAY too cheery for me), and I would assume that this particular call is automated to anyone in the US that reserved the game from GS. So...who called these people at this particular GS when the auto calls happened later on? Plus, what is GS supposed to do in this situation? It's WAY easy to blame GS because we all love to find new reasons to hate them, but what should they do. There was no indication of whether or not anyone was told beforehand when the servers would go live, and if the disc was damaged, then how in the hell could they even PLAY the game in the first damn place? Not sure what people expected GS to do in this situation!

@sonarus: No one wants to actually do anything that contradicts the point they're trying to shove down our throats. And yeah, you're right. Why the hell does he CARE about what happens to a game that he has no interest in buying and/or playing?

@Twizlex: "I put on my detective hat and approached the counter, asking if I could get a copy of Killzone 2. They asked if I preordered, which I didn't (because I wasn't really going to buy the game), and they directed me to the preowned section where there were still 2 copies left waiting to be resold. I told them "no thanks" and continued to hang around the store."

Later on in the story...

"After seeing 26 preowned copies of the game yesterday, I knew that Derek's case was not a isolated incident. This GameStop store, knowingly or not, sold the game early and then banked on all of the returns because the game "didn't work" yet."

They WERE there yesterday and he knew they were, yet didn't provide the evidence in any way. You didn't really get what part of the story Sonarus was actually talking about.

Twizlex3581d ago

I don't know about you, but I don't walk around with a camera everywhere I go. Maybe I'm just not hip, but my cell phone doesn't have a camera either. Maybe he went back to get a picture and they were all gone? Besides, have you ever tried to take pictures in a store or a mall? Security is really weird about that sometimes. Me and my brother used to get escorted off of mall property because we had video cameras and they never explain why we can't do that.

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Arkham3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Stupid Kids + Stupid GameStop Employee = Stupid story

(Is "Stupid GameStop Employee" a redundant term?)

(Edit: Bahahaha. Just paid attention to the story pic.)

(Edit 2: That's okay, it's more of a "Stupid Situation" I guess, or "Stupid News". It is still amusing.)

Cookigaki3581d ago

Cookigaki likes story, but yes, "stupid GameStop employee" is redundant.

Jazz41083580d ago

I work for GameStop and its impossible and i mean impossible to break strret dates, our computers will not let you sell a game early period. This story is BS.

Zeus Lee3581d ago

Oh my God,are you still trying to peddle this ridiculous investigative story of yours that got failed yesterday?

Where's the proof of 'Derek'?Pics of the Pre-owned copies?Address of the GameStop?

How's about you actually do some journalistic work rather than type a few paragraphs detailing a ridiculous story with no visual nor audio evidence whatsoever of your claims?

Pennywise3581d ago

I love how he was made to look SOOO stupid yesterday and he follows through with this junk like it makes him look any better. If this story is true the only people to point fingers at are the gamers who thought MP would be up before release date. Also... This is why stores should not break street dates.

h0tz0rz3581d ago

And while we're at it, where's proof of Jesus? Evolution? What's the address of the center of the universe?

We have pictures of bigfoot, but that doesn't mean he's real either. He could take a picture of some random Joe and take a picture of a bunch of Killzone 2 boxes, but that still wouldn't prove anything. Maybe you don't read the newspaper, but there are lots of stories without a picture to "prove" it.

Twizlex3581d ago

Pictures don't mean anything. Ever hear of photoshop?

Major_Tom3581d ago

Twizlex, I don't mean to down play your intelligence but do you know how hard it is to make real life pictures seem believable especially with an average camera.

There's not going to be 26 photoshopped Killzone 2 boxes without someone leaving a mistake.

Twizlex3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

If this is fake, anything can happen.

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