Nintendo DSi vs Sony PSP 3000


"The new Nintendo DSi and Sony's PSP 3000 are set to start a new handheld war

But I can't see Sony outselling Nintendo on the handheld front. The PSP is more on the media side as there are only a handful of PSP exclusive games on the market and lets face it, they're not the best games."

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Parappa The Rappa3459d ago

You forgot to add your "sarcasm" warning.

Psp is great and all. But seriously, why even bring this up?

kwicksandz3459d ago

well put parappa. Not even your own game can save psp.

dylandurden3459d ago

I have both and I like both, but i think the DS is a far better game platform then the PSP.

3459d ago
JOLLY13459d ago

You wouldn't believe how many 13 year olds have 4 ds's running Korg ds-10 on their mixing board (it holds up to 8). That is the beauty of the ds, instead of just listening to your music, you can actually make music.

gumgum993459d ago

And they say the DSi is a waste of money.

Seriously, who's really gonna upgrade to the PSP 3000 "just" to get their hands on the new screen and skype microphone?


Tiberium3459d ago

I'm not. My psp 2000 works great and doesn't have scan lines appearing randomly.

farhsa20083459d ago

wait till games like resistance, motorstorm, lbp and assassins creed come out and then we'll see who has the better games.

gumgum993459d ago

can't argue with that.

Those are some IPs to look out for; that is for certain.

user94220773459d ago

GumGum, the possibilities in a PSP are endless!

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The story is too old to be commented.