Is Dead Space Extraction worth looking forward to?


"Publishers seem to be taking many paths to adapting HD properties to the Wii. Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop was an attempt at a straight port which has so far resulted with limited critical success. Overlord: Dark Legend on the other hand is a new game that retains the core gameplay of the original while making the most of the Wii's controls. Unsurprisingly it is one of the more anticipated releases on the console. So is EA's morphing of Dead Space Extraction into an on-rails shooter really the best way the IP could have been adapted to the Wii?"

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Product3550d ago

Although their points are valid, some i think they overlooked

They overlooking how the game will have multiple paths and even the devs themselves said that there were alot of things in the original they wished they could've put in there.

The devs also said how they thought a 3rd person perspective limited the amount and power fo the scares in the original which is why they went on-rail in the first place that way they could control the scares alittle better.

SinnedNogara3550d ago

I agree. Dead Space will lose some respect if the game is a on-rails shooter. I wish they make a FPS with rail-shooter elements instead of a rail-shooter.

PS360WII3550d ago

Well if you liked the first Dead Space then yes but if you didn't I guess not.

Though I did like how they did a yes and no sort of thing :)

user94220773550d ago

I loved the first dead space, no question this one is going to be a blast on the wii

somekindofmike3550d ago

I'm gutted it's an on rails shooter, as much as I enjoy the occasional on rails shooter I would of much preferred a dead space game with just not as good graphics.

Resident Evil 4 on wii was amazing, and it looks like Resident Evil 5 won't quite reach the same high standard of gameplay set by resident evil 4! despite it being on a more powerful system, so I don't believe all this nonsense that the wii doesn't have the power to make a good Dead Space game, fair enough the game won't be as pretty, but there's no reason it couldn't be a better game in every other aspect.

An On Rails shooter to me seems like a cop out on the developers behalf.

N4g_null3550d ago

There are enough 3rd and first person shooters. At this point I just want a good game. I have enough FPS on my PC. If they think they can make a great on rails shooter then let them try.

Sin and punishment was on rails and it was a blast and beautiful until they zoomed in on the models LOL. Yet during game play the game rocks.

I bet you don't even remember parts of contra was an on rail shooter, Gamers and developer are so single minded these days.

TriforceLightning3550d ago

I personally think we all need to take a break from FPS.It seems like a new FPS comes out every week.I actually welcome an on-rails shooter due to the over saturated market of FPS.Dead Space:Extraction will be sight for sore eyes and thumbs in the Fall.

somekindofmike3550d ago

I do not disagree that PFS & third person shooter market is over saturated! and personally i'd love to see some more traditional games appear, ones where the story takes the back seat and we get a high score!

But at the same time I don't buy every FPS and Third Person Shooter that comes out,so I wouldn't mind another great shooter!

Anyway i'm not condemning the game to failure just because it's not what I wanted it to be, and it could turn out to be even more fun than ever! I just personally think Dead Space worked great, why mess with the formula so drastically.

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